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Requiem For A Bantamweight

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Kim and Bobby in the ambulance. Bobby admits to Kim that Gina ended up marrying a plumber. It happened after they "decided to see other people." Kim deduces, probably correctly, that he initiated "seeing other people," so that he could "sleep with other people," while Gina "waited around." But, funny funny, she fell in love with someone instead. Kim speaks from the wisdom of a thousand failed affairs. I bet Kim's heard the words "let's see other people" so many times that the individual words have lost all meaning. See Kim tease. See Bobby get defensive. "It wasn't like that!" he says. "Serves you right for being a jerk," she replies. Let history mark this moment as the one time that Kim is correct about anything. "Just drive!" Bobby finally yells. "Just die!" I yell to Kim, raising the bet, and scaring my cat.

Ty and Sully in their own private Idaho. Driving along, Ty asks Sully to repeat the bit about Tatiana's son kissing her on the lips. Sully says that he thinks they do that more in Eastern Europe. "I think they do that more in Greek dramas," Ty responds. Okay, who's been paying the writers to give Ty the best one-liners this season? Ty voices our suspicions by saying it's weird that she never mentioned a son before. He asks how old the little tyke is. "I don't know. Eighteen," Sully mumbles. Ty once again puts forth our own thoughts: we all thought Tatiana was in her twenties! "Okay, maybe she's thirty," Sully backpedals. Ty, my mental empath, says she would have been twelve if that was the case. Ty muses whether Sergei is the boyfriend posing as the son before they kill Sully. "Have you been watching Court TV again?" Sully growls. Ty, I'm beginning to like you. He furthers the causes of Ty-likability by calling Sergei "Boris." Hee hee. Ty asks why Sergei doesn't live with Tatiana. He suspects something's up, as we all do. "I've got a bad feeling about this," Ty says. Yeah, you and Han Solo. Ty speculates that they'll get married, she'll be named beneficiary, then it's "Sayonara, Sullivan." Sully actually starts to look a little worried.

The night time is the wrong time for Bobby and Kim. But there they are, anyway. Kim is bitching that Jimmy's sleeping on her couch while he and Brooke try to figure out whether they're staying together. Oh, hello, Mr. Exposition. Long time no see! Bobby's barely listening. Kim says that Jimmy and Brooke haven't broken up, but that if he comes around, Brooke plans to shoot him. Jimmy is smart because of this: when your marriage is on the rocks, you should go sleep on the couch of your ex-wife, whom you slept with a lot during the engagement to your current wife. That always wins 'em over, Jimmy.

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