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Just Like Robert Downey Jr.

After some commercials (no, Keanu Reeves, your movie October Crap does not get my love, despite The Matrix), we flash to Young Bobby and Young Paulie on a rooftop. YP wants YB to jump to another building. He gives the International Symbol for "Chicken" while the copyrighted Third Watch Twinkling Music of Nostalgia plays. "C'mon!" Young Paulie silently mouths. Young Bobby stands, conflicted, which will pretty much be his reaction to anything that happens in life from them on.

Next, we see Bobby in the hospital looking in on Adult Paulie. Kim walks up to Bobby with some cups of coffee. Unlike Kim, the coffee is good to the last drop. Bobby tells her that Paulie is doing okay, but that he's unhappy that the paramedics ruined his near-fatal high. "He's lucky to be alive," Kim tells him.

Bobby walks away to go visit with Gina, who's sitting in the lounge. Bobby tells her that Paulie is conscious, but that he wants to know how long he's been that bad. It's been a few years. He used to share a cell with Robert Downey Jr. Bobby asks why Paulie hasn't been put in a problem. Gina says he was in rehab last March. With Robert Downey Jr. Gina says he's going to meetings, got a job. "He just can't seem to beat it," Gina said. Just like Robert Downey Jr. Bobby tells her it's not easy. Incidentally, I saw Traffic last night, which was fantastic, but not at all encouraging about the fight on drugs. Paulie, the future does not bode well for you. Gina asks whether Paulie will get admitted. Bobby says he probably won't. Her husband, Gina says, doesn't want Paulie in their home. Bobby smiles and gives her a look that says, "You need a better man, girl." Gina says there's history he doesn't know about. So keep yer mitts off, Adult Bobby. Bobby says he'll talk to the doctor about getting Paulie detoxed.

Outside in the snow, Ty and Sully respond to what looks like a bogus store-alarm call. Ty complains bitterly about the cold, bringing in talk of penguins and fur hats. This provides him with the most tenuous of segues to ask how long Tatiana and her son have been in the United States, the land of pink Cadillacs and McRib Sandwiches. "I don't want to talk about that!" Sully growls. Ty asks whether they're U.S. citizens. Sully says that he doesn't know. What you mean you don't know? "I mean, I don't know!" says Sully. Sully says she has a job. Ty says that doesn't mean anything. He says she already lied about the son. Sully argues that she didn't lie -- it just never came up. Ty calls it "a lie of omission," which is even worse. Damn, that's a great expression. I'll have to remember that. Ty walks up to a graffiti picture of a woman in a tight dress and says, "Excuse me, ma'am." Ty is the Corporal Klinger of this show. He just needs to start wearing a dress in an effort to get a discharge. Sully starts getting upset. He says that if Ty is suggesting that she's using him to stay in the country, he'll have to walk back. Ty says he'll come over and yell, "Immigration," and if she doesn't jump out of the window, Sully's cool. "You're walkin'!" Sully yells. Ty has the keys, though. Ooh, burn, Sully.

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