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Responsible Parties

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Responsible Parties

So the show starts off at a park, and it is raining and there are kids playing on the swings and running around. I don't remember my mother ever letting me go to the park when it rained, and I don't think my mom would sit there in the rain and watch me while getting drenched. But I guess it's different in the city -- people don't mind getting wet, I guess.

Ty and Sully are in their car and Ty is drinking what looks like an iced coffee. Sully asks him why he can't drink regular coffee, and Ty tells him that he is drinking an "ice blended mocha cap-pu-cheeen-ooo." Having problems pronouncing those big foreign words, huh Ty? Then Ty tells Sully that he and his sisters are throwing a birthday party for their mom after he gets off work, and asks Sully if he wants to come along. First of all, don't they only get out of work at midnight? I know their shift ends at 11, but after they take showers and get dressed and finish up for the night, isn't it about midnight? Can't they wait for the weekend, or a day that Ty has off? Or maybe Ty's mom is a party girl, and they are going to a rave or something. Sully passes on the offer, and then Ty asks him what he does for fun -- what he does to have "Sully fun." As opposed to "Ty's-mother fun," where she parties after midnight. Ty tells Sully that he pictures him alone in his boxer shorts watching old movies on a black-and-white TV. Sully's all, "You're having images of me in my underwear?" EW! And then tells Ty that he is totally off -- he has a color TV. Sully was born to be mild.

Bosco and Yokas are in their car, and Yokas has this big yellow feather boa and some yellow fabric, and she is sewing the boa onto the fabric. She is making a chicken costume for her daughter. For some reason, Bosco is all embarrassed; I guess he thinks that he'll see some of the guys from the fire department and they'll think the feather boa is for him. (If you remember, they have this big long running homo joke going on. I keep forgetting that accusing someone of being gay is a big laugh riot.) So anyway, they hear some gunshots, and they stop the car and go over to some guys in yellow bandannas and ask about the shots. The yellow-bandanna guys say they don't know anything about them, and across the street in the park, a woman starts wailing because her young son was shot in the chest. Bosco calls for paramedics, but Yokas doesn't think there's time to wait for them, so she carries the boy into their car and they drive him to the hospital.

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