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Your Cheating Heart (among other organs)

Previously: I cried like a waifish figure skater whose long-time husband and skating partner died of cancer because last week's Faith Yokas episode was that good. Jimmy told Kim he's getting married. Ty tried to set Sully up with a single woman because Sully is a lonely, lonely man. Bobby and Alex kissed because she said he mothers people, and that must turn her on.

Beautiful strings of lights lead us in to a swingin' party. It's Jimmy's pre-nuptials. Alex, in a slinky black top and tousled Meg Ryan hair, passes by Jimmy and she says this must beat the best hotel room in Atlantic City. Jimmy, in full view of Brooke, says that Brooke laid down the law: No bachelor party. We will soon see the folly of saying no to a bachelor party for Jimmy The Lothario. "I'm not stupid," Brooke says. Riiiigggghhht, Brooke. Just blind. Another firefighter, Lombardo, comes up with his blonde bombshell girlfriend and introduces her around. She gives Jimmy a big hug and says she can't believe he's getting married. No, she really can't believe he's getting married. Like, can't believe it to the point that she may soon be tempted to have sex with him in the bathroom. Not that I want to spoil anything. I mean, the show just started. Anything could happen. Jimmy gives the girlfriend a squinty smile. Brooke asks Jimmy if he wants to dance and he says no, he's still getting a little loose. By "loose," he means his belt. Alex tells Jimmy that Brooke is great. "She's all right," he says. He sounds like he even means it.

Outside, Sully and Doc are checking out an overturned carriage, where a horse was spooked by kids throwing rocks. People were crushed underneath the carriage. Sully makes a pessimistic comment about humanity and the holidays.

At the party, Alex and Bobby slip away to an upper level to be alone. Alex is playful and flirtatious, not at all like the no-fun lady we were first introduced to. She talks about King Kong and the flirtatious banter is not exactly stellar or witty here. Especially coming from Bobby, who is most banteriffic when he's not talking.

Back at the horse accident. Yokas complains that it's not right for a horse to be laid out bleeding. The owner says the horse is twenty-four years old and was close to retirement. Oh, what is this, a buddy cop movie with someone three days from retirement. Please go to and One-Click-Order me a break. Yokas says the horse is in a lot of pain and if there's anything they can do. "You want me to shoot him?" Bosco asks from behind everyone. Everyone turns around and yells, "No!" Wonk, wonk, wonk...

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