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Spring Forward, Fall Back

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Spring Forward, Fall Back

So the show starts off with Carlos in some sort of science class -- there are jars with dead animals floating in them, but the teacher seems to be talking chemistry. Maybe it's biochemistry. Like I really care. Anyway, the class ends, and Carlos walks up to the professor, who is Latino, and is all, "Como esta?" and the professor asks who he is. Ouch! Carlos asks him about the C+ he got for his lab assignment, and the professor tells Carlos that his notes were incomplete and his lab technique was sloppy. He then asks Carlos if he is pre-med and what med school he wants to go to. Carlos tells him he will go to anyplace that will accept him. The professor tells him he needs better grades, and Carlos tells the professor that that's why he came to talk to him. The professor totally sees through Carlos and asks if Carlos is asking for a better grade because they are both Latino. Carlos looks all sheepish, and the professor tells him that if he wants better grades he needs to do better work. Okay, when did Carlos turn Latino? Because the last we heard, he is Filipino. The only thing they share with Latinos is the sound of their names. Carlos, if you are going to try to pull out the race card to get yourself a better deal, make sure you are using the right race! Duh! And I'm not even going to go into how stupid it is to try to get better grades for having a certain color of skin. I won't get sucked in.

Bosco is in bed and stroking a pussy. Hey! Get that thought out of your head! I mean, he is petting a real cat, and Skanky Nicole comes in wearing nothing but a semi-open robe and a smile, and she has a bottle of champagne with her. Bosco tells her he is on duty in one hour so he can't have any champagne, and Nicole tells him it isn't for drinking. So, if he goes on duty at 3 p.m., that means the two of them are in bed at 2 p.m. Doesn't Nicole have a clothing store to run, or is she a student of the Donna and Kelly of 90210 school of retail management, closing her store whenever she doesn't feel like coming in to work? So anyway, Nicole pours some champagne on Bosco's chest and starts licking it up. I don't know about you guys, but that seems like alcohol abuse to me. Meanwhile, the cat is sitting on the side of the bed, flipping his tail and eyeing a glass of champagne as he stretches and yawns. I feel the same way, Kitty.

Doc and Morales are in Doc's father's apartment, going through paperwork in his desk and taking his clothes out of the closets. I'm assuming that his father died in the last episode, but it wasn't too clear until now since they are cleaning out his apartment. Morales asks him how much his dad paid in rent, and he tells her it was rent-controlled at $500 a month. He then tells her that with his father gone the rent will destabilize and he won't be able to afford the increase. She suggests that they move into the apartment together. Doc looks a little put out at the suggestion, and Morales gets a little put out that Doc is put out, and then Morales apologizes and leaves.

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