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Spring Forward, Fall Back

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Spring Forward, Fall Back

Bobby and Kim are in their ambulance, and Kim is complaining about the first few days of Daylight Savings Time always screwing her up because her clocks are wrong. Then she tells Bobby she is finishing up her taxes in the ambulance because they have to be postmarked by midnight. Okay, so tax day this year was April 17. Daylight Savings Time started April 2. It takes her more than two weeks to adjust to Daylight Savings? Lord help her if she flies out to California or something with a three-hour time difference -- it may take her half the year to adjust! So they get to an accident and there is a minivan that hit a truck, and there is a teenage girl with a cut on her head, and she is walking around and screaming. Bobby finds the mother and brother in the front seats, and Kim finds an empty child seat in the back. She asks the girl if there was a child in the car seat, and the girl tells Kim that her two-and-a-half-year-old sister Molly was in the seat. She let Molly out because she thought the van might explode and now Molly is gone, and the girl starts wigging out. Bobby keeps calling to Kim for help as Kim tries to calm down the girl.

Prozac has a very provocative commercial. There is a woman walking around with a "I just had good sex!" look on her face. If I could feel like I just had good sex all day, I'd love to have some Prozac.

Ty and Sully are in their car, and Ty tells Sully about an article on online dating, but Sully isn't interested. Ty decides he is going to put an ad on the Internet for Sully, and he takes out a pen and paper and asks Sully what he likes in a woman. Sully's not playing this game, so Ty makes suggestions, like, "Thirties, good looking, vivacious," and then asks if Sully likes kinky sex. Eeeeeeew! You would think, since it's been so long since Sully had a woman, that anything that doesn't include his hand or something blown up would be kinky. Sully doesn't say he likes kinky sex, but he doesn't say no either...ick. Pardon me while I make myself a strong drink.

While my blender is whipping up some mudslides, Ty and Sully walk into a church, and Sully realizes it is his parish and tells Ty sheepishly that he hasn't attended church in ten years. They talk to the priest, who recognizes Sully, and he tells them that a communion chalice was stolen by a man from a shelter, but the priest thinks he can get the guy to return it, so he doesn't need to police's help. As Sully and Ty are leaving, the priest tells Sully that he misses him in the choir. Ty starts to make fun of him. Oh, Ty, mama's boy, I'm sure there are some nerd-skeletons in your closet, so I wouldn't be making too much fun of Sully.

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