Third Watch
Spring Forward, Fall Back

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Spring Forward, Fall Back

It looks like the whole precinct's worth of cops is standing around a map, and a guy is giving them a description of Molly, and then he tells the cops where to look for her.

Bosco and Yokas are still in their car waiting for some kids to come out, and Yokas suggest that they go ahead in so they can get the arrests done, and then they can go look for Molly. Some teenage boys come out of the house, and Bosco and Yokas debate whether to detain the boys or wait for "narcos." Bosco can't wait anymore, so he gets out of the car, and only then do the boys notice the large white police car with blue lights on top sitting right across the street from them, and they start running. They are too fast even for Bosco, and as he is coming back to the car to bitch at Yokas, Kenny points to the house because there is smoke pouring out. Yokas the comedian says that that can't be good. A second later, there is a huge explosion. D'oh!

Did you know that Staples trucks cause traffic? Because they do. Don't drive behind a Staples truck if you want to get somewhere fast.

Ty and Sully are hunting through garbage and dumpsters looking for Molly, and Ty asks Sully about being in the choir. Sully sort of changes the subject by telling Ty that the priest was always helping people in need, and Ty asks why Sully stopped going to church. Sully tells him "because they changed the communion wine." Yeah, I would stop going too, because if you can't get good wine at church, why the hell go in the first place?

The fire trucks are at the house fire, and Yokas, Bosco, and Kenny are standing outside, along with half the neighborhood that is trying to get a free buzz off the burning pot. Yokas lets Kenny go, but tells him she never wants to see him hanging around any schools again. So she just lets a drug dealer who was selling to kids wheel off? Was she high or something?

Carlos and Doc are in the ambulance, and they start talking about Vangie. Carlos thinks the pregnancy is her problem because she was in charge of the birth control. He saw her pills, and decided not to use protection. Okay, so Carlos is studying to become a doctor, and doesn't feel the need to use protection when sticking his penis into the vagina of a woman he has only known for a few hours? He should be wearing a sign that says "Please Give Me A Disease"! I would think pregnancy is the least of his problems. I shudder when I think about how some people are still so freaking ignorant. I shudder even more when I think some of them are studying to become doctors, and I may have to rely on them if I become ill. Excuse me while I make myself another drink. So anyway, Doc tells him, "They've got a name for guys as stupid as you. 'Dad.'" Amen, brother!

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