Third Watch
Spring Forward, Fall Back

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Spring Forward, Fall Back

Bobby and Kim are in the ambulance, and Kim is talking about Joey again and how upset she would be if she lost him. They see a bunch of cop cars drive by with their lights on, and apparently they had their sirens on too, because Closed Captioning said so, but I didn't hear them. Bobby and Kim think the cops may have found Molly, so they turn around and follow them.

Kim and Bobby are at the ER taking Molly out of the back of the ambulance, and there is a crowd of cops applauding. Ty tells Sully that Molly is okay and only needs a diaper change. Then Ty asks if they are going to keep searching for Willy, and Sully tells him they can start again tomorrow since Willy is probably drunk and passed out somewhere. Then he tells Ty that he stopped going to church the day Ty's father died, because he no longer believed in God. Ty tells him that if they can find that little girl, maybe there is a God. They get in their car and drive off as the screen fades to black.

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Third Watch




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