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Sunny, Like Sunshine

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Sunny, Like Sunshine

Doc and Carlos are at a park, and there is a little boy having an epileptic seizure. They argue over what drug to administer. They argue over whether Carlos got the IV needle in right, and then Doc takes over. You just know Doc and Carlos want each other.

Kim and Bobby are talking about how the coroner will take fingerprints and dental info from Sunny and send it out across the country to missing persons, and if no one claims her she'll be cremated and put in a city plot. Bobby suggests they find her pimp and see if he has any information about her family. Yeah, I'm sure he has a file containing her personal information, along with her tax forms and copies of her ID.

Ty and Sully at a woman's apartment; the woman says her daughter is never so late coming home and that something is wrong. Since she's only two hours late, Sully thinks that something just came up and that the daughter is probably fine. He gives the mother his card, and as he and Ty are leaving, the woman tells them about a man who has been bothering her daughter at the library. He keeps asking her out and has a notebook that he constantly writes in. Oooh! The plot thickens!

Doc and Carlos are outside the ER, and Carlos decides to pick a fight about Doc making him look incompetent in front of the kid's mother. Doc tells him that he didn't have to make Carlos look incompetent, because he was being incompetent all on his own. Carlos starts shoving Doc, and Doc calls Carlos a "little Mexican" and then starts beating on Carlos's face and ribs until Morales comes out and breaks it up. Yeah, Carlos. You know how to make yourself look good in front of the ladies.

Go away, Andie MacDowell! I don't care how you color your hair! Just go away!

Bosco and Yokas are in their car and Yokas asks Bosco if he wants kids. He says maybe, if he finds the right woman, he'll pass along the Boscorelli genes. I guess he'll be passing those genes into the receptacle of a blow-up doll, because I don't think there is a woman on this earth that could deal with his bullshit. Yokas tells him that when you have kids, you look at the things differently, and you wonder what kind of world you are leaving them. As Yokas is pontificating, they drive past a van that looks like the one described by the cemetery guy. The van has a flat and is abandoned. They look inside the van and find the cherub and the stained glass window.

Ty and Sully are walking into a library. They go to the front desk and ask the woman there for any information on Leroy Brown. They want to see what kind of books he takes out. There is no information on a Leroy Brown. Ty describes the guy they want info about to the woman, and she tells them that that guy's name is actually Chester Dennis. As in Chester the Molester, maybe? He has taken out books on female anatomy and gynecology, and he hangs out in the periodical section and harasses women all day.

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