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Sunny, Like Sunshine

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Sunny, Like Sunshine

Doc and Carlos are in the ER. Doc has an ice-pack on his hand, and Carlos has gauze over his eye. Carlos tells Doc that he isn't Mexican -- his mom is Filipino. Doc assumes that since Carlos's last name is Nieto that he is Hispanic, and of course if you are Hispanic, you must be Mexican. It's good to see that a black man is so educated about other races besides his own, and that he doesn't stereotype. Not. Carlos needs to explain to Doc that the Philippines was a Spanish colony for hundreds of years, hence the Hispanic name. His father could have been Mexican for all he knew, but he never met him, and his mother bailed out on him when he was three so he was a ward of the state for fifteen years. Doc apologizes -- for what, we don't know, he just says he is sorry. Carlos asks him where he learned how to hit like he did, and Doc tells him he learned from his brothers. Now it is Carlos's time to be ignorant, and he is all, "Brothers? Like brothers or brothers -- younger or older." Doc tells him he has three older brothers and one younger brother. Morales comes over and breaks up the Ignoramapalooza and looks at the cut on Carlos's face. She tells him he needs stitches and tells him to go to one of the open rooms. Carlos acts like he's hot to trot and tells Doc that Morales wants him, but she's afraid of being hurt. No, Carlos, I think she is just afraid of your stupidity.

Kim and Bobby go to the park to find Sunny's pimp. He is there with a bunch of teenagers, hanging out on a bench. Bobby tells him that Sunny is dead, and they ask if he knew what Sunny's real name was. Of course, the pimp misplaced the file with Sunny's personal information in it, but one of his girls speaks up and tells them that Sunny's name was Julie Burke and that she was from Pittsburgh.

Ty and Sully at the sleazy guy's apartment; they hear classical music blaring from the room. They knock on the door, and when Chester answers the door they ask if they can talk to him. Chester tells them that he is going to turn down the music, and they follow him in. They question him about the missing girl, and he tries to run away. Ty tackles him to the floor. They hear thumping in the bathroom, and they unbolt the door and find the missing girl in her underwear, with her wrists and ankles tied up with duct tape, tape over her mouth, and her wrists tied to the shower rod. There's blood all over the floor and they shower curtain. Sully unties her and tells Ty to get something to cover her up. That plot twist was a surprise. Not.

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