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Sunny, Like Sunshine

Bosco and Yokas are in the car waiting for the owners of the van to come back. Yokas wonders if anyone is going to do anything for the little boy who was shot in the park to make sure he is remembered. Bosco tells her that when he told her about getting their stories straight that he meant that he was her partner and will always be there for her. I wonder if he wants to "pass along some of his genes" to Yokas. Before anything else can be said between them, a detective arrives and tells them that he will take over.

Kim and Bobby are sitting outside the station. Kim wonders if she should call Sunny's parents and tell them everything that happened. Bobby tells her that he thinks that Sunny's parents really don't want to know everything. Then he decides that he is going to tell Kim how he feels. He says he wants to tell her, but instead of saying anything, he leans over and tries to kiss her. She moves away, and the awkward feelings are flying.

Ty and Sully are all happy and telling each other how great they feel about what happened. I don't know about you, but I would be feeling very upset if I found a woman bound and gagged in a wacko's apartment. "Good" would not be the feeling I had, and I would not be grinning like a Cheshire cat thinking about it. Their happy time is cut short by a call about a shooting.

Kim and Bobby are in the ambulance, and Kim asks if they should talk about what happened. She tells him that she is "incredibly attracted" to him, but she says that she is not a good person and that he deserves better. She's right; Bobby does deserve better. She goes on to say that she will hurt him, and then she would hate herself for it, and then resent him for making her feel so bad. Before she can make things any more confusing, the ambulance runs out of gas again. Apparently, she can't do intentionally mean things right, either.

Ty and Sully get to the scene of the shooting -- the same place where the woman was hitting her husband with a stick -- and Bosco and Yokas are there to meet them. Bosco tells them that the wife shot the entire clip of her gun at her husband at point-blank range. Bosco the sensitive guy looks at Sully and says, "Congratulations, Sully. Problem solved." Not feeling so great now, are you, Sully?

Bobby and Kim push the ambulance into the gas station and get it to a pump. Kim goes into the station to pay for the gas and get a drink while Bobby pumps the gas. A car parks on the other side of the pump and there is old R&B music coming from the car. Two women get out of the car, and one woman starts pumping gas while the other one starts dancing in front of the car while holding a bottle of beer. Oh, yeah, that's smart -- come out of a vehicle with a beer in your hand. So she starts dancing in front of Bobby, and he starts dancing with her. Kim comes out of the station and watches Bobby and the drunk woman dance, and she has this smirky look on her face. I dance a little jig with a big smile on my face and my wine glass in my hand, because the show is over for another week!

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