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The Ed Bernero Interview

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The Ed Bernero Interview
Third Watch writer Ed Bernero agreed to answer the questions of Nicole and a few of the show's fans from the boards in an e-mail interview. The dialogue appears below. First, let's start with the questions that MBTV posters emailed me. 1962 would like to know how you are going to develop the relationships between Maggie and Sully, Kim and Bobby and Jimmy, and Doc and Morales. We want details, please, if you can divulge that kind of stuff. Without giving too much away, you will see Sullivan and Maggie again, Doc and Morales are moving in together, and there will be a MAJOR development in the Jimmy/Kim story. If I gave too many details, your readers wouldn't need to watch the show. M. Clement, who is a retired policewoman, would like to know if you have police on the set as technical advisors to help with the reality of the show, and if you do, do you sometimes not do what they suggest for the sake of drama? She has noticed that no one waits for backup in dangerous situations, and figures it would pretty much stop the story in its tracks for the characters to wait around for backup. She's absolutely right that we take some dramatic liberties. It would definitely stop the show to wait for backup at every assignment. Additionally, these are HEROES. They don't need backup (ha ha). As far as tech advisors, not only do we have a fine NYPD guy (Mike Keenan) on set whenever we shoot cop stuff, I WAS a cop in Chicago for ten years, which was the genesis for John's [Wells] suggestion that we create the show together. I get a kick out of any comments about how this or that was unrealistic since almost all of the cop stories are based on actual incidents. The funniest are comments about how Davis' first day was ridiculous -- it was completely based on MY first day, from my training officer throwing my patrol book in the garbage to not knowing how to talk on the radio. Now my questions. The first question that popped into my head after receiving the videotape you sent me was...why in the world did you have Rosie O'Donnell on your show if she was only going to be on for ten seconds? Rosie has been very kind to us and asked if she could appear in the show. We definitely wanted to accommodate her but the way her schedule worked out she was only available to do it during what we felt was a very dramatic episode. We didn't want the audience taken out of the story too much every time Rosie appeared, so we gave her a small paramedic part, Lundy (which is actually an inside joke of sorts -- the name Lundy has been used in several episodes including the pilot as the unseen ambulance driver whenever both paramedics are in the back -- now I guess it's always been Rosie). She also was going to appear in another scene but was unable to stay long enough to do it.

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