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The Lost

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The Lost

More Sully-in-a-coffin. He shines a flashlight around in this quite cozy-ooking space. He is sweating and breathing fast. He starts screaming and crying as somebody is nailing the coffin shut. How many times have I said "poor Sully" in this episode? Coming out of the daydream, Sully is still driving the car, looking for his mommy. The nursing home woman, who seems to be having problems maintaining any kind of eye contact, tells Sully that he'll have to put his mother in a more secure place. It'll be more expensive. And it's an option her nursing home doesn't offer. I think she just doesn't want the mom around when she and Sully start getting their respective grooves on.

At the hospital, Bobby is taking care of the wee lost child. He's trying to give the kid a bath, but the child isn't too cooperative. Bobby takes his shirt off, and the child follows suit. Millions of Bobby-lovers all over the country simultaneously swoon. Bobby does the little nose-touching thing with the kid, then drops him in the bath. If he weren't so into it, I'd almost say he was putting on a little child-bonding show for Kim. A nurse who's watching asks, "So this guy is straight and single?" Kim says, "Mmm hmm." If Kim were not so misguided, she'd be drooling. Bobby wipes soot off the child with a washcloth, and the cuteness level reaches Cuteness Warp Factor 9.2 before we go to commercial.

Pamela Anderson will be on Leno. I wonder if a lack of talent acts as a reverse magnet to where they'd have to sit five feet apart or risk throwing each other around the room.

Sully finds his poor lost mom, Irene, sitting in front of a brownstone. She looks lost and sad and helpless. She has a nightgown on. She's holding a little stuffed animal. Between Irene and the little dirty boy, they must have done this week's casting at Sympathetic Subplots 'R' Us. Sully and the nursing home woman help Irene back to the car.

Back at the buryin' field, Bosco is bitching. Ty explains that back in the day, they'd tie a string to your finger and attach it to a bell so that if you were buried alive, you could just ring the bell. That's where the expression "saved by the bell" comes from. I think that's utter bunk, but what do I know? Bosco makes a joke about V-8. Yokas calls him a "sick puppy." Sigh...

Oh, more Sully/coffin escapades. Dirt is being piled on his grave. We get it. He doesn't want to buried alive. Okay. He calls for his mom, and now we learn that it's all symbolic of the pressure he feels for caring for Irene and how he feels buried beneath it. Ahhh.

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