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The Lost

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The Lost

Sully is called into a video room where they're playing the tape recovered in the accident. The video is of the old buried man. He's tied to a chair talking to someone in a sort of ransom-video special. Sully gets very affected as the old man is crying and saying, "I love you," to some unidentified person. Nobody knows who the old man is. Sully fears the worst: "There were shovels in the car." We go to commercial.

Okay, first I had to deal with "wraps." Now it's called a "Twister." Listen, KFC. If it's wrapped in a tortilla, it's a burrito, a taco, or some other Mexican-food-derived food. Don't give me this "Twister" crap.

We return to the sight of Sully, hands taped, being stuffed in a coffin. The coffin is in the bottom of a grave and the bad guys are shoving the coffin closed on Sully, who is struggling. They intend to bury him deeper than Rae Dawn's career. The chilling music brings us to Sully washing his face in the sink. He's badly shaken. He emerges from the men's room to meet the rest of the crew having drinks (all non-alcoholic) and playing cards. They talk about the second burying criminal, who still hasn't regained consciousness in the hospital. Doc and Carlos are called away and have a little tussle over paying the bill. Carlos grudgingly pays for his coffee and doesn't tip. Can Carlos be any cheaper? Priceline calls and William Shatner tells Carlos that he's not allowed to shop on the Web site. Sully, Bosco, Yokas, and Ty get called away to start looking for the buried man. They don't look happy about it. Ty eats Sully's burger because Sully has no appetite. Awwww. Poor Sully.

Out in a field by the bridge, everybody is beating the bushes for the buried man. Ty tells Sully he has a friend of Janice's who Sully might be interested in. Sully wisely declines. Ty goes on: she's single, lost a lot of weight and is recently divorced and primed for revenge. Oh, come on, Sully, go get your freak on! Sully declines again. Ty won't quit: "She's ready to rumble," he says. Then he says it again. "She's ready to rum-ble!" Ty, you're no Michael Buffer. You're not even a car-wax buffer. Ty points out how strange it is that Sully gets splashed with a puddle of water, and now there's a man dead, a man in the hospital, and they're searching for a buried man. "It's a trip," he says. Sully doesn't look like he's in the mood to be trippy, even when Ty assures him that it's not his fault. Can you feel the love here, folks? There is some love going on between Ty and Sully. Makes me want to cry.

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Third Watch




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