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The Lost

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The Lost

Sully and Ty are still pounding the grass, looking for a buried body. Ty asks if Sully thinks they'll find anything. Sully is noncommittal on that one. Ty asks why they're looking here. Well, because this is the direction the bad guys were driving from. Of course, as Ty points out, they could have been coming from a whole hemisphere of "that direction." Ty complains that this is a pointless search. Sully concurs.

All of a sudden, everybody is gathered around something. Ty and Sully rush over. Much digging, very slow-paced, with no music. It's about as suspenseful as watching a two-year-old play with a cardboard box. An FBI guy in a suit goes into the grave, rips open a piece of plastic, and reveals a bloated, nasty corpse. Everyone recoils, and now some sad music comes on. Hey, sad-music person: you didn't earn that riff, so knock it off. Everyone looks like they're gonna throw up except Bosco. Sully gets a call on his radio that he has a personal call waiting. He walks off telling Bosco that if they look long enough, they might find Jimmy Hoffa. Oh, hey, a Jimmy Hoffa joke. That's about as fresh as the corpse they just dug up.

As Doc and Carlos load the old man into an ambulance, the Do-Gooder Woman follows with the bird on her hand. Carlos calls it a parrot, and she corrects him: It's actually a cockatoo. Which, if my Yahoo! Search is correct, is actually a kind of parrot. Don't you hate people that are all persnickety like that? Carlos gets in the ambulance, and the bird flies at him. He does this spectacular twisting wussy move, jumping out of the ambulance. The bird sits on top of the old man's stretcher. Carlos wussily asks if they can call animal control. D-G Woman says that the bird is fine if they just feed it. She hands Carlos some bird food (low in fat, high in tastiness). "If he craps in there, I ain't cleanin' it up," Carlos says, walking off. Doc just looks kind of stupid and dumbstruck in response.

We cut to Sully's foot, tapping nervously as he speaks on the phone. He gets emotional and angry. "How long ago?" he asks. "And nobody's noticed until now?" Ty hovers behind him and startles him after Sully hangs up. Sully says his mother escaped from the nursing home again. Again? You need to get her a Webcam or something.

In the ambulance, Kim and Bobby are apologizing to each other. Sort of. Bobby says he shouldn't have said anything. Kim says she didn't visit Jimmy today (it's like three in the afternoon. That's no huge accomplishment). She points out that Bobby says things and then takes them back. "I do that?" he asks. Then, Mr. Self-Aware launches into another lecture. "I think you're making a fool of yourself. I think it's pathetic," blah blah blah moral superioritycakes. Kim gets pretty pissed herself and comments that Bobby is so attached to his mother, he can't have a relationship for more than six weeks. Ouch. Bobby's not even listening, though, because he saw something in an alley. What's interesting is that he was sitting there looking all smug, and he spots something, turning quickly. But the direction he was looking is different than the direction he ends up pointing Kim to. This may be a huge acting mistake. Or I may be totally wrong. Mighty Big TV presents: "You Make The Call." They roll back, and when they stop, Bobby spots a little boy walking down the alley behind a fence. They get out and follow.

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Third Watch




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