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It's My Episode, and I'll Ty If I Want To

The Third Watch writers spin the Wheel of Character Development and the spinner lands on Ty. So we get an entire episode devoted to him. So far, it's been Sully, Faith, Doc, Jimmy, Kim, and now Ty. Hang on to your hats, it's going to get paternal around here.

The Previouslys remind us simply that Ty's dad had been accused (before he died) of being on the take, but nothing had ever been proved. Ty asked Sully and his mother about it and never got a real answer.

The episode (which is called "The Tys that Bind," and I wish I were making that up) opens with Ty floating, face up, in a pool of water as a very bright light is hitting him. As quickly as we see it, the shot's gone, replaced by Ty sitting up in bed. Dramatic music lets us know that he's conflicted, as if we needed that. Ty takes a gratuitous shower where we get to see the sun-shaped tattoo on his right upper arm. (By the way, Ty: niiiiice torso.) Ty gets dressed, and we see that his mirror is decorated with pictures of him and his father when he was a pre-teen. Ty brings up his gun and dry fires it, and all of a sudden, it looks like he's in a bad made-for-Showtime Rutger Hauer movie where he's going to avenge the death of his partner.

At the breakfast table, Ty is reading the newspaper as his snappily dressed Mom is telling him that a refrigerator is going to be delivered. Ty makes some noise about working on the trim in the living room, and he is ribbed good-naturedly about his supposed laziness. Ty makes some mock excuses and gets two kisses from the woman he calls "MaMa."

In the patrol car with Sully, Ty is talking about how nice it would be to have a career as a detective. Sully complains that it involves a lot of paperwork and boring crap like that. Ty complains that it's better than being bored. "Oh, I'm boring now?" Sully asks. Ty says he thinks the job is boring, not Sully. Then he goes on about how maybe doing undercover work would be "dope." Sully laughs, joking around about how funny Ty would be in baggy jeans, and she does a Duddly Do Right voice to imitate him. "The day you work Buy and Busts..." Sully begins, and Ty cuts him off: " the day you do a sit-up. Oh!" Heh. It's pretty funny. Sully tries to start again and gets cut off a second time: " the day you eat a salad. Oh!" Very nice, Ty. You get some snaps.

Ty and Sully get called to the scene of an accident. When they arrive, a helicopter is flying erratically overhead. A man inside a truck is bleeding. Ty finds a brick and says it's the third time that week that someone got hit with a brick from overhead while driving. As Doc deals with the accident, Ty notices the helicopter flying in circles. "Mayday!" is called and as Ty, Doc, and Sully watch, the helicopter goes past the bridge and down into the water. My Closed Captioning says a woman is yelling for help, but I don't hear it. The police rush toward the edge of the water and then stop, as if it's a pool of acid. Ty starts taking off his gun and gear to jump in. Sully and Doc try to stop Ty, but it's too late. He jumps into the water. Cut to opening credits.

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