Third Watch
The Tys That Bind

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It's My Episode, and I'll Ty If I Want To

As we return, Ty is climbing on top of the sinking helicopter. Hey, won't that make it go down faster? A woman inside is reaching down into the water, trying to keep the pilot afloat. It's not working. Ty grunts and tells the woman to keep the man's head up. It's still not working. She's still got her seatbelt on. Ty tells the woman to let go. She's starting to go under too. We see a wide shot of Ty sprawled on top of the helicopter door, reaching in. Sirens arrive in the distance. Ty gets the woman to let go of the pilot and pulls her out of the door. Kim and Bobby arrive in the ambulance. Doc and Sully watch Ty swim back with the woman. A little help, anyone? As Ty reaches the shore, Doc finally moves to help. Kim ventilates the woman and she coughs. Nobody even mentions the pilot, long forgotten in the water. As Doc wraps a towel around him, Ty looks up at the bridge and sees his dead father standing among a group of people. Sad, thoughtful music plays. Ghost Dad walks off.

On TV, Ty is saving the woman again. At the station, Ty walks past the TV and is greeted by Sully, who calls him a "crazy son of a bitch" and gives him a rough hug. "Good job!" Sully says. True male bonding is at hand. Yokas and Bosco add their congrats as they walk by. It's truly a good day to be Ty. At least, early in the day it is. Everybody is giving high fives. Ty sees himself on TV where he's giving a humble interview saying he wished he could have saved the pilot. Or at least mentioned him at some point in the rescue attempt. A woman behind Ty says, "Excuse me," and asks if that's him on TV. Ty says yes, yes it is. The woman asks if she can buy him a cup of coffee. Forward, are we? No, not really, I'm just jealous that Ty gets asked out to coffee by strangers. I mean, just because he saved someone's life, big deal...Ty agrees to the coffee and to meet that night after his shift. The woman introduces herself as Gwen Gerard. She knows that Ty is a Jr. Davis and then plays it off that she saw the full name on the news. Sully does a double take and immediately takes a call on his radio. He answers the call and tells Ty to hurry up and get dressed. Way to bust up Ty's action, Sully.

On the call, Sully tells Ty that he shouldn't go on the date. She could be a stalker or a groupie, or "a badge bunny," as he phrases it. He warns Ty to stay away from the nice, attractive woman. Yeah, Sully, try taking a vegetarian to Ruth's Steak House. Ty and Sully arrive at a big trash bin under a trash chute at the bottom of some building. An old gent leads them there over some woman's complaint and when they look inside, a hand is sticking out. Yuck. A woman is lying in there, covered in trash. Sully and Ty, who are wearing rubber gloves, speculate on a possible cause of death. No blood or marks. Probably suffocation before being tossed down the chute. A noise accompanies a slew of trash coming down on the body. Ty complains that the coroner won't come for an hour, and they should move the body. Sully resists because it's a crime scene. More trash comes down as they decide to move the bin.

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Third Watch




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