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The Tys That Bind

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It's My Episode, and I'll Ty If I Want To

Commercial and booty break.

Ty's no longer in the water, but now he's walking in brightness. The next morning, Ty shows up as everybody from Kim to Sully is getting ready for work. He's suddenly confronted by Sharon who yells at him for leaving in the middle of the night. "You are a little boy!" she yells, much to everyone's amusement. "I don't want to know who you are, not anymore," she says and tells him to grow up. As she storms off, Ty blows off the encounter. Sully looks on, all dad-like.

Inside, Ty and Sully agree to hook up again. Sully comes in and asks about Sharon, but gets the silent treatment. I feel for ya, Sully.

Ty and Bosco are called to a brick incident on a double-decker bus. "Another brick?" Bosco asks. "In the wall?" I think. A woman has been hit, and the driver is hysterical. Bobby and Kim call a time of death. Sully shows up, and Ty sees him, looking conflicted.

After the call, Kim is talking about how freaked out she is about the bricks. She asks Ty if he had a rough week. Her theory, she says, is that men and women should avoid each other most of the time. At least when they're not stalking their ex-husbands, right Kim? The most outlandish thing happens then. She offers Ty a place to crash. He politely declines. She says Ty can stay in Joey's room. Oh, wait. Kim is hitting on Ty! Holy crap! It's not enough she slept with one guy she works with, now she's trying to go through the whole roster? Kim, put a muzzle on it. Seriously.

As Ty is standing around trying to get the skank scent away, the driver comes up to him and tells him that he sees the brick thrower. The man points to a guy in sunglasses and a plaid sweater. Ty gets Bosco's attention and tries to get an inconspicuous chase on. Ty says he's faster, so he'll run while Bosco gets the car.

Foot chase courtesy of Ty. Ty chases the guy and finally catches up in a tunnel. He tackles the guy hard and then starts beating the living bricks out of the dude. Bosco pulls up in the car and then stands by and watches as Ty repeatedly punches the guy in the face. Sully shows up just behind Bosco and has to physically drag Ty off the beaten man. Ty struggles and yells, "Get off me! What!" to Sully. Sully pushes Ty back and yells, "What are you doing?" Tense moment. Ty looks down, and it's his father's face on the criminal. Ty takes a walk. The guy on the ground tries to remember if he has Al Sharpton's number on his cell phone's speed dial.

On the roof that night, Ty finds Sully and they talk a bit. "I was gonna kill that guy," Ty says. "No you weren't," Sully tells him. Sully reminds Ty about the swim meets that his father used to take him to. He tells him that Ty's father's second family used to go to the swim meets and that Ty had met them several times. Then Ty reveals that he can't remember his father's face, which is bunk because he keeps imagining it all over the place. Sully talks about Ty's dad being a good guy. He stood by the extra family, giving over all the extra money he had. "You all done?" Ty asks. Sully suggests that Ty is punishing everyone around him who cares. "Why?" Sully asks. "He was who he was. Deal with it." Ty's got more issues than a TV Guide library.

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Third Watch




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