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The Tys That Bind

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It's My Episode, and I'll Ty If I Want To

Next day. Ty shows up at the graveyard. Alright, Ty guy, time to resolve your conflicts. Ty hunches over his father's gravestone. He broods. Starts to walk away. Comes back. Kicks the stone. Way to show that slab who's boss! Then he starts to push over the gravestone as dramatic music plays. You know, the music may make it sound like an epic moral struggle, but it's still vandalism where I come from. Ty walks off and sees his father standing by. Ghost Dad disappears. Then he shows up further down the path as Ty is walking along. They walk with their steps in perfect sync. The episode ends.

Feels like nothing much was solved. Ty is still selfish, Sully is still paternal, and now Ty's little bubble has burst. Wanna make a bet how quickly all of these developments are forgotten in favor of a completely unrelated new episode?

Next week, the whole cast gets involved when they see something horrific that the preview won't reveal. It's called "The Aftermath," or as it may end up, "The Aftercrap." Only a few more days till we know for sure.

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