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Previously on Third Watch: Sully introduces himself to his sexy, cute neighbor Tatiana. Alex walks in on Jimmy doing the desktop mambo with firefighter Lombardo's blonde girlfriend in the bathroom at his own engagement party. Bosco tells his mom how she always took care of the kids after his dad left. And my eyes must be deceiving me because Bosco's mom actually looks kind of cute. Oh, I guess it's to be expected. The Devil has good taste in women when finding vessels for his evil seed.

Some groovy techno music plays as we skim over New York rooftops. Bosco, for the second week in a row, delivers the opening voice-over. "I never put much faith in love," he says flatly. Suddenly, we see some guy running on the rooftops. Bosco voice-overs that love is okay for greeting cards and chick flicks, but in the real world, he doesn't have much use for it. He says he's said it a few times to girls when it looked like, if he didn't say it, he'd sleep alone. Bosco, in slow motion, leaps up into view and chases. Yokas, in even slower slow motion, hops up and follows. They should totally get Ang Lee in here and have them use wires to fly from rooftop to rooftop instead of jumping. And put Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh in there. And give them swords. You know what? Screw all that. I should be watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon instead of this. "But mostly, I think it's just a load of sentimental crap women made up to keep men from following their instincts and chasing tail every waking minute of every single day," Bosco continues, interrupting my wishful thinking. More techno music. More chasing. Criminal guy leaps from one building to the next and we get a taint shot looking up from down below. Bosco follows, leaping over. Yokas leaps too, but lands hard and rolls. Bosco voice-overs that, like the man says, (Uh, Dennis Miller, maybe?) that's just his opinion. He could be wrong. But he doesn't think so. Yokas gets up and tells Bosco to let the guy go as Bosco and Bad Criminal Man continue running. Sensing that Bosco's not gonna stop, Yokas gets up and radios him. "It's only J.J.," she says. "We'll get him later." Bosco continues chasing. Music continues playing. Leaping. Running. J.J. throws a bunch of tiny bags of drugs all over the place. Bosco says he can see J.J. and knows where the drugs are coming from. More rooftop leaping and running. This is like watching The Tick. J.J. finally stops at the edge of the roof. Bosco dares him to jump. Aw, Bosco, didn't you see The Fugitive? The guy actually jumps, and lands only a few floors below on another rooftop. But it looks like the guy hurt his leg. He starts moaning. Idiot. "Did you think you were gonna bounce?" Bosco calls out. J.J. gets up, moaning, and goes to the ladder. Bosco asks if he's going to climb down with one broken leg. "You're pissing me off!" Bosco yells. He walks back and collects the drugs from the roof. Bosco asks Yokas if her leg is okay. She says she followed her moron partner when he jumped over the Grand Canyon. Hee hee. Bosco laughs and runs downstairs. Yokas yells that the guy will be out on the street the next day if they arrest him.

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