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Once She Gets Enya, Ya Can't Get Her Out

Flash back to the hospital and the woman in question. Kim greets the tiny woman and hugs her. She asks Kim if Bobby's going to be all right. Kim nods, not very convincingly. She asks what happened. Kim tells her that Paulie shot Bobby. "Ay, dios mio," Mama Caffey says, sitting down heavily. Carlos and Doc look on.

Yokas and Bosco are heading up some stairs in a dingy apartment building. Yokas asks how many crack houses they plan to hit. "All of 'em," Bosco answers, all Terminator-like. Bosco kicks a door in and waves his gun around, telling people not to move. Don't worry -- everybody's too drugged out to move. He calls them "fags," because he's been listening to Eminem, and finds some drugs lying around. "Please man, I need that," one guys says. Bosco tells the guy they're looking for someone and need help as Yokas plays along.

Cut to Paulie on the street in a hooded sweatshirt. A guy in a suit taking out the garbage spots him. "What are you looking at?" Paulie asks the guy, menacingly. Innocent Business Man goes back inside. Paulie goes to the door of a guy who doesn't seem to want to be disturbed. Paulie asks him for some drugs. "You come to my house?" the pimp-looking tough guy tells him. Paulie says he just needs some replacement stuff until his current stash dries. Ahhh. I see, now. The guy pulls out a gun and aims it at Paulie's chest. "You havin' trouble hearing me?" he asks. Paulie apologizes and leaves. "Never come to my house again," the guy -- who looks like a strung-out Michael Douglas -- tells him. "You know if the Greeks are out?" Paulie asks. Drug Man closes the door.

We come back to Bobby, lying on the table. We blur out to commercial.

Enya: I think --
Omar: Shut up, Enya.

Dream Bobby in the boxing ring. He's pacing. The man asks about Bobby's last name, Caffey. Bobby says that his mother remarried when he was sixteen. To an English man. He died because the paramedics took twenty-five minutes to get there because they came with police backup. "Why did you take his name?" the man asks. "Because it wasn't yours," Bobby answers. Dis.

At the hospital, Bobby's mom is telling Kim that he's a good boy. She says she always thought Bobby's brother Matty would end up in a situation like this, not Bobby. "Is it bad that it's taking so long?" she asks. Kim says no. Mama asks if there's a chapel and if there are candles. Kim says she'll come find her if anything happens. Kim still looks lost.

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