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Susan and Chloe, Part II

Jimmy slowly lowers himself down the building. "See you guys on the ground," he calls to his pals. He shimmies toward the screaming woman, ever more eager to take a header out the window. D.K. groans like he's constipated. And he's justified in doing so, as in a way, Jimmy is wrenching poor D.K.'s bowels right now.

Susan sits alone in the hallway outside the interrogation room. Yokas brings her coffee and listens sympathetically as Susan tortures herself about what she could've done to prevent this, and what signs of relapse she must have ignored. "I saw the signs before she and Joe moved to St. Louis, but I couldn't accept it," she says. I wish we'd seen evidence of this when she came back to ER. If she was that worried about Chloe, it might've been nice to establish that ages and ages ago, to increase the odds that viewers of either program would give more than a quarter-shit. "It was way too hard to imagine going through all that again," Susan continues, snorting bitterly. "Pretty pathetic, huh?" She tells Yokas how much she adored Chloe when they were young, and how kick-ass her older sister used to be. "What the hell happened to that sister?" Susan suddenly bleats. "Who do I see about getting her back?" Um, John Edward, your partner in Crossing Over? And, yuck. I can't really explain how forced Sherry's delivery was on those lines -- although, to be fair, those were lousy lines. Joe appears at that moment, finished with the interrogation; he says he'd do anything for Suzy and will stick around just in case something happens. Bosco and Yokas gracefully exit. Susan gazes at Joe, who glumly apologizes to Susan. She blinks and turns away. "Yeah," she says bitterly.

In The Rescue That Won't End, Jimmy is still lowering himself down the apartment building while the woman continues screaming in Spanish. The fire should, by now, have engulfed the entire city block; I thought fire waited for no man, but I guess it makes an exception for Jimmy. When he reaches the window, the woman leaps onto him and holds on for dear life, which unfortunately has the triple effect of throwing off Jimmy's balance, badly affecting the rope's sway, and putting poor D.K. in total agony. He's turning red from the strain. Jimmy coos comfortingly at the woman, and we cut back and forth between his excruciatingly slow descent and the fact that D.K. is inching toward his limit and being hurled off the roof to a very sticky death. The firefighters on the ground grab Jimmy as soon as they can, and there is much rejoicing. The woman coughs and whines. Jimmy looks up and salutes D.K. and the other guy, who then hug each other. Everybody wins.

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