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Okay, first off, since this is the first show of the series, I thought I would just give an overview of what it is about. I went to the NBC site to get some info on the show and characters.

Kim Zambrano and Bobby Caffey are paramedic team 55-2. Young and tough, they work well together and are both devoted to the people they help. Their counterpart is the battle weary Monte "Doc" Parker, who must show the new guy, Carlos Nieto, the ropes, from dealing with the daily tragedies of the job to going beyond the call of duty to helping people in the community. Kim's ex-husband is firefighter Jimmy Doherty, whose tenacity is contrasted with his reckless personal life. From blazing buildings and car accidents to crime scenes and domestic emergencies, these unsung heroes are often first on the scene.

Meanwhile, just across the street, the police of the 55th Precinct show up for their daily tours of duty. Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli's glory-hungry "supercop" mentality annoys his long-suffering partner Faith Yokas, a married mother of two. Bosco's flashy law enforcement style doesn't go over well with the streetwise veteran cop John "Sully" Sullivan, who wrestles with the assignment of his green, by-the-book partner Ty Davis.

This tightly knit group of cops and emergency personnel knows each other well -- sometimes too well -- as they work side-by-side in harsh urban conditions.

WHATEVER! The show is about plots and ideas stolen from every cop, emergency, and hospital show you have ever seen, as well as various other shows that already came up with original stories. If you watched Third Watch and thought to yourself, "I know I've seen this story/character/plot line somewhere before," chances are, you have!

So let me stop procrastinating and get down with the recap. Be warned -- you might need a glass of wine and some crackers while reading this. It's gonna get cheesy.

So the credits start and a cop car comes flying down the street. In the car, Bosco is driving and Yokas is yelling, "You're giving me whiplash! Slow down!" The car screeches to a halt at the corner store, where some ethnic kids are standing around. One of the kids starts running, and Bosco runs out of the car while Yokas is all "please don't jump out of the car and leave me sitting here." She gets out of the car and sees Bosco running down the street and yells out, "We have a car!" and she gets into the driver's side of the car and follows them. Bosco throws down his nightstick and starts taking off his jacket while running after the kid. Whatever. In case you were wondering, yes, Bosco was Colin, Kelly's coke-snorting boyfriend on 90210, and no, his acting skills have not improved.

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