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Cut to Bosco, acting like a dick. A businessman steps out of his car and says to Bosco, "Excuse me, I have to get through, I live just on the other side." And Bosco yells over to Yokas, who is directing traffic, "Hey, Yokas -- YOKAS! We have ourselves a big problem here. This guy -- he lives just on the other side and he has to get through. Hey, everybody! Get the hell out of the way! This guy needs to get through! Come on! You'll drive, I'll shoot anybody who gets in your way!" And as he is about to rip this guy a new asshole, some random guy runs over to him and tells him there is a lady bleeding in a bar on the corner, so Bosco tells the random guy to call 911 because he's busy. Um, Bosco? YOU ARE 911! Just a reminder, buddy. Then the random guy tells Bosco that he thinks the bleeding-in-a-bar woman is the one who hit the van.

Cut to the paramedics, who have bleeding people lined up on the street. The new guy is trying to help, and is told to run to the ambulance to get IVs. Kim calls in the patients to the ER, and the nurse at the ER asks if Bobby is working, and Kim is all, "You called her, right? What's the matter with you?" to Bobby, and before Bobby can tell her what's wrong with him, one of the bleeding women starts throwing a fit, and Kim is asking for IVs, and meanwhile the new guy is in the ambulance looking all over for the IVs and not finding them, and Bobby runs over there and finds the IVs instantly, of course, and he tells the new guy, "If you don't know, ASK," and the new guy feels all sheepish, and Bobby says, "What's your name?" and he says, "Carlos Niero" and Bobby introduces himself. Hmmm…paramedics having relationships with ER employees -- never seen that one before either.

Cut to the bar, where Bosco and Yokas walk in to find a middle-aged woman with a bloody head and a bottle of vodka. Hey, I wonder if her name is Mary. Bosco asks her if she owns the Jag out front, and Bloody Mary is all frazzled and freaked out and she can only manage to say, "My husband is on his way. He said I should tell you that I came in here to call for help." And then Bosco accuses her of drinking as much as she can after the fact to screw up the breathalyzer, and the woman keeps saying that her husband should get there any minute, and as Yokas handcuffs the woman, she's all, "We'll wait outside. We'll pass the time watching them bag the bodies of the people you just killed." Hmmm, middle aged woman who may have been drunk gets into car accident that kills people…now I know I've never heard of that story before. Also, I'm surprised that Bosco didn't pound on the bar, because it seems like he really likes to pound on things to indicate that he is an intense person. Or something.

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