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Cut to the 55th Precinct. Sullivan gets PeeWee to give him the marker he used to write on Bosco's car. PeeWee tells him it will wash off, and Sullivan tells him he can test that theory next weekend, when he'll have to come in at seven in the morning to wash thirty or forty cop cars. Sullivan then puts Pee Wee in a cell, and Pee Wee is all, "That's not fair!" and you can tell the whole time that Sullivan is thinking he should give Pee Wee some kind of prize for putting in writing what everyone has been thinking instead of punishing him, but he just keeps PeeWee in the cell for a few hours and then lets him go. So then Sullivan sees the captain, who tells him that he has a new partner. Sullivan is not happy, and gets really annoyed when he finds out who it is: Ty Davis, a young black man three days out of the academy. Hmmm, an older white cop paired up with a young black cop…how many different tired story lines can we steal from other shows? So the captain is all, "You know Officer Sullivan?" and Ty is all, "Most of my life, yes sir." And Sullivan is all, "Crap." Coincidentally, that's what I'm thinking this show is. Sullivan walks off and Ty follows him and says, "You're not very happy to see me." Ty picks up on things so quickly -- he'll be top cop in no time! Sullivan ignores him and gets a box of day-old Dunkin Donuts from another cop (no comment) and brings it outside. A Dalmatian runs up to him and he gives the donuts to the dog. So Ty says, "My mom wanted me to say hello." And Sullivan is all, "How she doing?" and Ty is all, "Fighting with my sisters." An uncomfortable pause, probably because Sullivan wonders, like I do, how the hell "fighting with my sisters" answers the question of how someone is. So Sullivan points at the dog, who is chowing some pink frosted pastry, and says, "Fire dog. Name's Mad Tooth." And Ty is all, "Mad Tooth. Nice looking Dalmatian." And Sullivan is all, "Stupidest dogs on earth." I don't know what the hell he meant by that, since the dog clearly has Sullivan trained to feed him donuts and all. And who would have thought that the Fire Department would have a Dalmatian for their dog? What a concept.

Cut to the ambulance, where Kim is saying, "I can't believe you didn't call Dana," and Bobby is all, "She's not my type." And Kim wonders, "You couldn't figure that out before you slept with her?" and Bobby protests, "I didn't sleep with her!" Kim: "Bobby, I saw how mad she was -- there was no way you didn't sleep with her!" Bobby brings up Jimmy Doherty, and Kim explains that she married Jimmy Doherty in a weak moment, and then their radio goes off and they have to go to a subway. Whatever.

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Third Watch




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