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Cut to Sullivan and Ty in their car, where Sullivan is "explaining" to Ty that they are out there to solve problems and not arrest everyone they come across. Dispatch calls them for help with an auto break-in. Sullivan asks why Bosco can't do it, and dispatch tells them Bosco is still searching for the clown. ("Bosco is the clown." -- Sars.) On the way to the break-in, they stop at a red light and the clown walks past them. As they are watching the clown, dispatch calls again for assistance with a robbery at a jewelry store. Sullivan goes, "3,2,1…" and Bosco's car goes flying by. So if Sullivan knows that Bosco pulls this shit all the time, why doesn't he just bust his ass for it? Hi, my name is Sullivan, and my goal in life is to be a martyr.

Cut to Bosco and Yokas at the jewelry store, taking down a description of the people who broke into the store. The owner tells them it was three black teenage boys, and one of them had a jacket on that said "Pervert." Um, okay. So Sullivan drives up, takes the clown out of the back of his car, and puts him into Bosco's car. Then he walks over to Bosco and takes his handcuffs, goes back to his own car, and leaves. Bosco, the master thespian, makes a "whatever" face. Yokas is all, "You think he's pissed? I think he's pissed." I think I'm pissed that I agreed to watch this crap and write about it.

Cut to Doc, Jerry, and Carlos finally making it to the forty-sixth floor. They ask where the smoke inhalation people are, and they are told that the people were sent down the elevator ten minutes earlier, after the chief declared the fire under control. Oh, how funny! The guys take all that time and energy to go up the stairs, only to have everyone go down the elevator! What a funny plot twist! Except, of course, for the "funny" part!

Cut to Bosco and Yokas in the car with the clown, and the clown is being all obnoxious, kind of like the way Bosco usually acts. And Bosco is all, "Waffle?" and Yokas is all, "Don't bother." And I'm wondering why Bosco would suddenly want breakfast food. And then the clown says, "You tell him sir! Oh my god -- you're a woman! I'm sorry, it's just with those broad shoulders and moustache I got kind of thrown off!" Oh, the barbs this clown can throw -- he is just so mean! Yokas is not that large and has no visible facial hair, so that jab must hurt about as much as someone calling me a dumb blonde. I have no idea why Yokas gets pissed off, but she does, and so Bosco asks her again if she wants a waffle, and she says, "Oh, absolutely. Watch out for that dog!" and then Bosco slams on the brakes and the clown flies forward and his face slams into the grate between the front and back seats. You see, "waffle" means that one cop pretends to see a dog, and the cop driving slams on the brakes so it won't hit the "dog," and then the person in the back seat smashes his face on the grate, and his face then looks like a "waffle." Oh, those wacky cops! Hurting a suspect by "accident"! What will they do next?

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