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Last Dance With Merry Jane
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In a bit of foreshadowing of what we'll see him pull at Tribal Council, Probst uses the previously on segment to create his own version of the season so far, which he claims was dominated by Chase's inability to make a decision. That has been a factor to be sure, but his "indecision" wasn't why he voted Brenda out. Nor did Chase ever "conspire" with Ben to vote Jud out - from what we saw, they were playing Ben all along to make him think they were voting for Jud while they were actually planning on voting Ben out. In fact, despite Chase's "indecisiveness," he's been pretty consistent on wanting Ben out, even before the tribe swap. So Probst is just making shit up. And now that all he talked about was Chase and his indecisiveness and turning against allies, we know that's what this episode is going to be about. They really need to stop tailoring these previously on segments to be so specific to the episode that follows.

As soon as the tribe is back at camp, Sash pulls Jud aside and says they took Ben to save Jud, and Sash would have told Jud all of this but the other people in his alliance wouldn't let him. Sash promises Jud that he has his back and thinks he just earned another jury vote from Jud. He may have, actually. Why do Jane, Holly, and Chase just let Sash walk around stealing their jury votes? I hope all those false promises he made to everyone come back to bite him in the ass if he makes it to the Final Tribal Council. But they won't. They never do. Sash boasts in an interview that he is in control of the game once again and Jud will be the next person to go unless he wins immunity. Jud interviews that his tribemates might think he's gullible and naïve, but he is on "high alert" and looking forward to seeing the surprise on their faces when they realize they underestimated him. Oh, please let this happen. I've been waiting for it almost the entire season.

The next day, a cell phone arrives at camp along with the treemail. Everyone knows what that means: family time! It takes a second to figure out how to play videos on the Product Placement phone, but soon, Chase's mother and brother pop up and he is immediately in tears. Next up is Sash's mother, who actually calls him Sash even though I'm still convinced that no one actually calls him that. Jane's daughter is next, along with what must be her many big dogs. What's the deal with all of these people coming on TV with their pets? I mean, Jane I can understand since she's a dog trainer, but why do we have to see Chase's mom's dog and Sash's mother's cat (or maybe that was a Pomeranian?), too? Ah, and now we meet Dan's sons, two handsome Italian boys from Brooklyn who somehow managed to appear on camera without their pets. Good. Dan bawls at the sight of them. Man, these family visits take down the hardest people on this show. Holly's entire brood (including a dog) show up for her video, and her husband says he can't wait to touch her again. I'll bet Holly is annoyed to see her daughters standing still and not out practicing the cross country sport their mother forced the to stick with. Finally, Jud's mother, who calls him "Juddy," makes him cry and says some inspiring words that are too boring for us to watch, so he talks over it in an interview instead. Still choked up, as he says the video "really got me, man," he says his mother tells him "the perfect thing, man." "I just wanna see my family, man," he sobs. Man.

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