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She Saw It Coming
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Previously on I Tan't Talk, By Bouth Is Too Dwy: Boo was a hazard to hisself. Sylvia was bossy in general, while Erica was bossy very specifically. While Sylvia thought she was done for when Ravu kept losing, Mookie went bazoo at the last minute, and ultimately, Erica took her leave. This didn't really change the fact that people really, really didn't like Sylvia. Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out...tonight?

Some animal with a big slimy mouth full of teeth (it kind of looks like Jabbini the Mini-Hutt on night vision) is making itself at home at Ravu on Night 6, just as the tribe returns home. I sense that somebody is about to be eaten, which is cool. Everyone looks defeated, and Yau Man interviews that two straight losses have been really hard on the tribe. He adds that, as of this tribal council, they realized that the tribe isn't really together right now. Except, of course, for the togetherness that comes from slowly turning into desiccated husks. Rocky and Mookie are having some kind of a casual "strategy" session, and Mookie comes up with the great idea to cut some coconuts and pineapple in the morning to help with the dehydration. That isn't so much "strategy," I guess, as "recitation of elementary morning plans such as 'get up' and 'use potty.'" Rita tells the guys that if there's a high, hot sun tomorrow, she wants to try to start a fire, and Michelle agrees. I'm not sure why decisions need to be approved at this level, but I'm never one to ague with diplomacy.

Rocky interviews that the tribe is now "the biggest group of losers that Survivor's ever seen," which means he is not a longtime viewer, or he is losing his perspective. I think Ulong has to be considered much bigger losers, considering that they were whittled to one person and eventually absorbed. These people have only lost two tribe members consecutively. It's not, as of this point, anything history-making, especially since they're up against the added disadvantages of Ouch Camp, which past losers have not been. There's some distance between you and the bottom of the barrel, Rocky. Don't despair! At any rate, Rocky says that he's not sure whether somebody put a whammy on them or something, but that Ravu "just can't win right now." I think it has more to do with dehydration and exhaustion than the forces of darkness, if I'm being honest. Satan also has a tub, after all. In the post-tribal-council group discussion, Rocky tells everyone that tomorrow, at the challenge, they should try to let somebody lead, and try not to all talk at the same time. Yau Man understates that they "really need to get [their] act together." I wasn't surprised to hear that he was a professor, because he has that persistent optimism combined with a solid grounding in futility that haunts everyone who has dealt with college students. Rita tells the tribe that it's time to "put egos aside and put tribe and winning first." They know in theory what to do, of course. It's going to be execution. This conversation is kind of like standing around saying, "Tomorrow, I suggest we win. My suggested strategy is to do everything slightly better than the other team." Yau Man adds that the more challenges they lose, the harder it is to come back. Ah, yes. The big mo, she is a harsh mistress.

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