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The End. With Questions.

Jack is so angry at seeing Ben that his face twitches like an epileptic Chihuahua. He marches up to Ben while Kate heads out to check the area to make sure that Ben and Alex are alone. Ben thrusts out his hands to show he is unarmed except for his barbed tongue. He catches sight of Naomi in the crowd and tries to introduce himself, but Jack points his finger at Naomi and orders her not to talk to him. Jeez, he's bossy. Kate reports that there are only two sets of tracks, and Jack asks Ben what he wants. All he wants is five minutes of alone time with Jack. (Aw Ben, just five minutes? Give yourself a little credit! I'm sure you're good for at least seven.) Ben tells Jack that he owes him because he just killed seven of his people. Jack shakes his head, but agrees, grabbing the walkie-talkie out of Ben's pants as they walk. Foreplay much? And, yes, Ben does use guilt to get Jack to spend some alone with him. Dr. Phil would be horrified.

Grizzly Jack is dying for some oxycodone, but he has already reached the limit on his refills. The underpaid extra behind the counter at the pharmacy is trying to explain this to him, but he is getting all junky on her. First he claims that he has only refilled it twice, but she says this was his third. The guy in line behind him recognizes him from the newspaper and tells the lady he is a hero and should get whatever drugs he wants. Grizzly Jack totally ruins that tactic by saying he's not a hero. Der! Heroes get free shit all the time! You think Spiderman pays for his coffee? Or Aquaman ponies up for his fish food? I don't think so! Don't fight it -- just smile and nod! Instead Grizzly Jack gives the woman another prescription, but she explains that he can't write his own prescription. Grizzly Jack says it is actually his father. She wants to call his father's office to verify, but Grizzly Jack says he is out of town. When she still won't give in, he goes Super Junkie and slams away and knocks over a reading glasses display as he stumbles his druggie ass out of the pharmacy.

Ben and Jack are finally alone. Ben tells Jack to take a seat, but doesn't offer him any pink champagne, which is when things start to go way downhill. Ben tells Jack that he once made a decision that killed over forty people in a single day. He is telling Jack that little bedtime story not to get into his hero pants, but because history is about to repeat itself. Right here, right now. Jack snorts, "Let me guess, you have us surrounded and if I don't do what you say you are going to kill all my people?" Ben looks serious, "No, Jack, you are...the woman you are traveling with who parachuted onto this Island is not who she says she is. She is a representative of a group of people who have been trying to find this Island. She's one of the bad guys." She's a tranny? Wow. Didn't see that coming. Jack smirks, "Oh, right, I keep forgetting, you're one of the good guys." Ben has the decency to avoid answering that question. Instead he says, "If you call her boat, when they get here every single living person on this Island will be killed." Ben, of course, has a plan to avoid this calamity. Jack just needs to get Naomi's phone and give it to Ben. Then they will both re-join their groups and go on their merry ways. Jack is so underwhelmed by the plan that he doesn't even bother getting irritated. He just laughs and more or less says, "Uh, no."

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