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The End. With Questions.

Jack throws a beaten and bloodied Ben at the feet of the crowd and tells them to tie him up because he is coming with them. Jack walks of into the woods for some alone time, but Kate follows him. Alex is horrified and goes to gawk at Ben. As Alex gets closer, Rousseau stares at her and walks slowly towards her all zombified with motherly love. Alex looks startled by the strange woman with outstretched arms louring over her and asks, "Uh, what?" like the surly teenager that she is. Ben introduces her mother. Rousseau takes Alex's face in her hands and stares at her. Alex is taken aback. Rousseau asks for help tying Ben up. They bond as they truss him like a Christmas turkey. Jack has stumbled off into the bushes and Kate finds him just as he looks like he is about to upchuck. She asks what happened, what Ben said, but Jack says it's not important right now. She starts to clean his bloody knuckles and she asks again, "what happened?" Jack tells her, "He killed them. Jin, Bernard, Sayid. He radioed the beach, and I let it happen. I had to let it happen. We can't tell Rose. Or Sun. Not yet." Kate's face is all twisted up in a he-who-smelt-it-dealt-it sort of way when she asks, "Why did you bring Ben back? Why didn't you just kill him?" Jack explains his nefarious heart-of-darkness plan that he wants Ben to watch as they all get rescued off the Island, to watch his plan fail, and then Jack will kill him. If Ben doesn't die of a broken heart first, right?

After a lovely post-10PM shot of a burning corpse, Tom and Ryan are on the beach arguing about whether Ben has lost it. Ryan knows they had to follow the order, but Tom is not so sure. What with Ben being nuttier than a Mars Bar and all. Tom says that since they killed seven of their team, they should have killed the prisoners. Wha? Yup, they didn't kill them, but shot the sand instead. I've watched the scene three times now trying to parse out whether Ben's order was to shoot them or to fake shoot them and whose side Tom and Ryan are on, but this episode is too long to dwindle so I'm going with: It doesn't really matter. The point is that Sayid, Jin, and Bernard are still alive, albeit bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint. Juliet and Sawyer size up the situation from the bushes. Because could we have a single episode without lurking? No we could not. Sawyer states that there are only three of them left with four guns. Juliet counters that there are only two of them and they are unarmed. Sawyer suggests they wait until nightfall, but as Juliet argues that night doesn't change anything (except the lighting, of course) Sawyer stops to listen intently. As Juliet and Sawyer try and figure out the noise, Hurley comes driving through the jungle in his magic bus! He guns it through a tent and a barrage of bullets and runs over Ryan. Sawyer runs up behind the van, tells Hurley to stay put, and grabs the gun that Ryan helpfully dropped. As the random Other that was guarding the men goes to investigate, Sayid takes care of him by tripping him and snapping his neck with his ankles! Holy Falafel! That was some move! Jin, Bernard, and Sawyer realize they are nothing compared to this man among men. Sawyer shakes it off and goes to help Juliet pin down Tom, the only Other left. When Juliet grabs his gun and Sawyer aims at his head, Tom surrenders. The new, improved, angry Sawyer (who has to prove he is at least half as manly as Sayid) shoots him anyway, "That's for taking the kid off the raft." Tom looks shocked before he dies. Man, Sawyer holds a grudge like a girl. Hurley comes out of the van and stares at Tom, "Dude, it was over. He surrendered." Steely-eyed Sawyer replies that he didn't believe him.

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