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The End. With Questions.

Naomi runs past the hikers to tell Jack the news that Charlie did it and the phone signal is clear. Jack says great, get those fingers dialing, so Naomi pushes a few buttons and tries to get a line through. Unfortunately, Rousseau's signal plays out and they realize it's still blocking the channel. Rousseau says it doesn't matter because they are finally there. They climb the last hill, reach the radio tower, and enter the equipment room. Rousseau's message repeats on and on and Rousseau tells Alex that she recorded the message sixteen years ago, three days before she was born. She pulls the plug saying that that they don't need it any more. Naomi tries her phone again, but can't get a signal inside the tower. They head outside and she walks around waving her phone trying to get a good signal. Good grief, where is that Verizon guy when you need him? The Losties are getting excited as Naomi gets stronger and stronger reception. Kate exclaims, "This is it! We're going to get off this Island!" Uh, Kate? What the heck are you so excited about? Aren't you, like, bound for prison stripes? Jack says he will celebrate when they are actually home. Ben, tied to a tree like a misbehaving dog, tries to warn them against making the call. He knows that Jack is just trying to save his people, but he doesn't know what he is doing. It's a mistake. Jack replies that the only mistake was listening to him. Ben yells, "Making that call is the beginning of the end!" Just then Naomi shrieks, "I've got it!" She makes the call. Ben pleads, "Please, you don't know what you are doing!" Jack says he knows exactly what he is doing.

Naomi is dialing when she makes a woofing sound and slumps forward with a knife in her back. Everyone is too stunned to move, and then we see Locke in the woods. Crazy old coot that he is, he just killed their chances of getting off the Island. As Jack runs forward to see if Naomi is really dead, Locke tells him to step back. He has a gun aimed at his head. Jack turns to him, "What did you do?" Locke says simply, "What I had to." The phone is lying in the grass and Jack heads for it. Locke tells him to stay away from the phone and to really make his point clear he fires off a warning shot into the grass next to the phone. Jack ignores him and picks it up. Locke says he doesn't want to shoot him, but Ben is shouting, "Shoot him! Shoot him!" Locke instead shoots Ben. A look. He shoots him a look that says, "Shut the fuck up dude, you just shot me and left me for dead. I am SO not listening to you." Ben continues yelling until Rousseau knocks him unconscious with an elbow to the jaw. Alex is impressed with her badass mother. The phone is ringing in Jack's hand, and Locke tells him to drop the phone. Jack refuses, "No. You're done keeping me on this Island." Locke pulls the trigger back and says, "I will kill you. If I have to." Jack tells him to go ahead, and Kate tries to talk some sense into him. Locke keeps the gun trained on him, but finally relents. He lowers the gun and looks chagrined, "Jack, you're not supposed to do this." Just then someone finally picks up the phone. Locke walks back into the woods as the guy on the phone says hello and Jack puts the headset to his ear and asks whom he is talking to. The guy on the phone wants to know who he is talking to. Good lord that could go on all night! Jack caves and says his name and asks if he is on the freighter and that Naomi told them about the rescue team. The guy is happy that they found Naomi and wants to know where she is and who Jack is. Jack explains that they are the survivors of Oceanic 815. He asks if they can get a fix on their location. The guy responds, "Hell yeah we can. Sit tight we'll be right there." The Losties are smiling and beside themselves with glee and disbelief. And Ben? Well, not so much.

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