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The End. With Questions.

Rose is unconvinced by Bernard's decision to stay and shoot. She asks, "If I helped you with your S.O.S. sign would you change your mind?" Oh, remember the S.O.S sign? Bernard smirks, "No." Rose then makes him repeat the phrase, "I am a dentist. I am not Rambo." Hee! She laughs, "And don't your forget it!" They hug. I love Rose, and I am so glad she's back!

Rousseau is on the beach and she is totally eyeing Claire's baby. Again. It's a bit creepy. Like at any moment her fa├žade of not-crazy is going to crumble and she is going to grab Aaron and run off toward the Dark Territory and shoot whoever comes near. Claire is oblivious to the crazy lady stare as she calmly prepares for the trip. Hurley tells her not to worry about Charlie, because he's going to be fine. Claire smiles and nods and manages to say, "Yeah of course he is" without looking like she believes it at all.

Jin and Sun say goodbye, too. Jin tells Sun to stay close to Jack and rest if she gets tired. He puts his hand on her stomach as he says it and it is sweet. Sun cries while she asks him why he is doing this. He cups her face in his hands, looks her in the eyes, and says in English, "Because we have to go home." They kiss, and Juliet stands there gawking. Naomi fidgets with her phone, and Juliet shifts her bovine gaze to the comely pilot and her save-the-world satellite phone. As the sun is setting, Jack gathers the survivors and they head out on the great migration to the radio tower. Of course, no migration is complete without rolly luggage! Really! I'm sure the Donner Party would have been just fine if they had sensibly rolled their luggage instead of eating each other. As the group leaves, Sayid and the boys stand on the beach with their guns ready for action. That is not a euphemism.

Rousseau leads the mob along the Island's edge. Hurley has Vincent on a leash and the dog looks wildly irritated. Naomi race-walks to the front of the group to ask Jack a question. Jack asks what and she replies, "What did you do before you became Moses?" Heh. Jack has the decency to laugh at this and explain that he's a doctor. She snorts, "Of course you are" and then asks if Juliet is okay. Jack is still sensitive about that point and snaps, "Why wouldn't she be?" Naomi points out that no one in the group trusts her. Juliet offers that Jack can catch up to her when he's done. He protests, but Juliet says it's fine and she walks off. Naomi wants to show Jack how to use the phone in case anything happens to her. I take two giant steps to the right in order to avoid the giant Anvil of Foreshadowing that comes crashing down. Naomi illustrates that the phone is simple enough to use, and once the "rock star" turns off the jamming signal, the light will turn green and they channels of communication with the outside world will be open. Naomi and Jack wonder how much longer it will be before Charlie can get his job done.

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