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The End. With Questions.

Charlie would love to get his job done, but he is a bit tied up at the moment. Literally! Tied up in the Looking Glass station by a foxy tough blonde ["Played by Tracy 'Crazy Laura' Middendorf, who has now officially been on every TV show ever." -- Joe R] and a nicer brunette who played an adulterer on that short-lived television show about a group of friends who win the lottery. Actually, I have no idea if it was short lived; I just never made it past two episodes. Not the point. The point is Charlie is tied up and getting the snot beaten out of him by the Others' Ladies Auxiliary. The Ladies demand to know how he got there. He laughs, "I came in my invisible submarine don't you see it?" He gets slammed in the face again. Charlie hasn't had this much fun with two women since the blonde fangirls in Helsinki! The Ladies demand to know how he found out about the station. He replies, "Juliet told us. If you haven't heard she's one of us now." He gets slammed in the face again. The Ladies announce that they have to tell Ben. Charlie, in the spirit of fun, agrees with them. They open the door to a room full of communication equipment and a yellow light blinks in time to the signal being sent. Charlie swivels his chair to watch, but his view is obstructed by Desmond's face reminding him that the room where he is going to die is full of equipment and a blinking yellow light. That guy must be a huge hit at parties.

Ben is sitting in his smartly-appointed safari tent writing in his diary ("Dear Diary, Why doesn't anyone like pink champagne anymore?") or making notes on how best to skin kittens or make really rancid cocktail sauce or whatever it is evil people write about, when the walkie-talkie next to him crackles to life. "Come in Ben, come in Ben." Apparently the thin canvas walls and wide open door of the tent were interfering with the reception, so Ben grabs the walkie and heads (more) outside. As the walkie informs him that it's Bonnie, the Others perk up. Ben's first question is, "Why are you breaking radio silence?" Bonnie explains that one of "them" swam down there. In order to accurately record the events in his diary later, Ben wants to know which one. Bonnie replies, "He won't tell us." Charlie pipes in, "It's Charlie! Tell him I said hi!" Certain doom sure has made someone punchy! Bonnie informs Ben that Charlie said Juliet told him about the station. Ben looks aggrieved. Mr. Eyeliner and Mikhail have circled close to Ben. Ben turns to Mikhail, "Mikhail, you need to go down to the Looking Glass and find out what Charlie Pace is doing down there." Mikhail is not exactly ready to spring into action. He wants to know why Ben told them the Looking Glass was flooded and inoperable. Ben sighs and says, "I lied. But I need you to go down there, Mikhail." This answer satisfies Mikhail, for some reason, and he says he can be at the station by dawn. As he leaves, he wonders aloud what else Juliet might have told them.

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