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The End. With Questions.

Ben tries to reach the team of Other mercenaries he sent to the beach, but they have their walkies off since they are just about to attack the campsite. Sayid, Jin, and Bernard wait in the bushes to ambush them with their sites trained on the dynamite stacks. As Ryan, the team leader, surveys the camp with binoculars, a girl Other reports back that the tents are marked with white coral and Juliet did her job. The Others move in. They stealthily approach the marked tents and pull them open. Only when they pull back the covers, do they realize they have been duped. They yell that the tents are empty and to get away, but it's too late. Sayid shoots at a stack of dynamite and it explodes sending Others flying in the air. In the chaos, Bernard prays and shoots and hits his target killing more Others. Jin lines up his shot, but misses. Twice. He shoots an Other and ducks out of the way as gunfire rains down on him. He pops out of his hiding place and shoots another and tries to hit the dynamite, but he is captured. The Other screams, "I got your man!" Bernard makes a break for it, but is tackled by Tom. The Other holding Jin hostage yells again that he has their man and they should drop their weapons. Sayid has a bead on the man holding the gun to Jin's head, just as he is about to shoot, he feels a gun pointed at his own head. He takes his finger off the trigger. So the valiant heroes are captured and pretty much completely screwed. Up in the hills, the Losties are watching the explosions down on the beach. Rose looks panicked as she mentions that there were only two explosions, but there were supposed to be three. Kate (wearing a hoodie) announces that it didn't work. Everyone looks sick.

Grizzly Jack is getting his forehead stitched up by a doctor in the procedure room of a hospital. The doctor finishes and puts a bandage on and tells him that the news people are waiting for him outside since he is a hero and all. Grizzly Jack ignores this comment and asks about the woman. The doctor says that she's been stabilized. Grizzly Jack is glad about that. There's a knock at the door and Grizzly Jack's ex-wife busts into the room. The doctor says, "Sorry no visitors in the ER." But Grizzly Jack stops her and says it's okay because they used to be married. The doctor shrugs at the non-sequiter and walks out of the room. Grizzly Jack's ex-wife asks what happened. Grizzly Jack explains that it was a car accident. We see that his arm is bandaged, too. Sarah asks if he's still drinking. He says no, but everyone knows he is lying because we all saw it in the opening scene. Grizzly Jack turns on her and asks why she came down there? She explains that she is still his emergency contact. The camera pans out to reveal that Sarah is really pregnant. Grizzly Jack sighs and looks sad. She asks what he was doing driving around at two in the morning. He gets teary eyed but can't say. He asks if she can give him a lift home, but she says no, that it wouldn't be appropriate. Um, Sarah, why did you come down there? Why exactly did you bother to leave the house in the middle of the night to come to the hospital, grill the guy about whether he's been drinking, and then you not give him a ride home? Sheesh, you give a bad name to emergency contacts. Grizzly Jack gets up and says, "Well, thanks for coming down, Sarah." He manages to say it without sounding even a little sarcastic, which must have been hard. She says, "Good bye, [Grizzly] Jack." He sort of shrugs as she leaves. Which I think is an overstatement.

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