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The End. With Questions.

Sun is panicking, "Why were there only two explosions?" Jack tries to reassure her, "Maybe they didn't have to blow the third tent." Rose adds, "What about the gun shots?" Jack throws up his hands, "Ladies! Is it okay if I call you ladies? Well, ladies, your husbands are fine. They are with Sayid. They are just a few hours behind us. Did I mention they were with Sayid? It's Sayid! Of course they're fine." Sun announces that if their husbands are coming then they will wait right there for them, but Jack refuses to allow anyone to stay. Rose looks him in the eyes and says, "If you say live together, die alone to me, Jack, I'm going to punch you in the face." Jack and I laugh together and he says, "Fair enough, Rose." I love me some Rose! I'm so glad she had her little sabbatical or vision quest or contract negotiation or whatever it is that brought her back. She's back! Jack tries to rally the troops reassuring them that they have a plan and as far as they know it worked, so just keep moving. No one looks particularly convinced, but what are they going to do? Hang out on a cliff all night with angry Others lurking around? No they are not. As they continue on their journey, Naomi checks her satellite phone and there is still no signal.

Charlie is still being held captive by the Lovely Ladies of the Looking Glass. They ask him one more time why he's there. He says that he is there to turn off their jamming equipment. The Kindly Brunette asks how he knows about it. And even though he just told them that Juliet is passing information on to them, he says he knows because he knows and whatever they do to him he is Going. To. Turn. It. Off. The Angry Blonde asks him what the code is. Charlie looks stymied and the Angry Blonde (who is awkwardly playing almost nice) points out that if he is going to turn off their jamming signal he will need the code and only three people know it: Kindly Brunette, Ben, and her. Charlie thinks about it for a second and then shrugs and says he won't need the code because when the station floods, he will just go in there, turn off the jamming signal, and the helicopters will come and rescue all his friends. Kindly Brunette looks concerned, but Angry Blonde asks, "If the whole station floods, what happens to you?" Charlie smiles, "I die."

Ben is still in his safari tent when Tom calls him from the beach. Tom reports that the Losties killed them all, which obviously means Tom is dead and is either an incarnation of the Smoke Monster, a zombie, or in purgatory with the rest of the non-dead denizens of the Island. What will the writers think of next?! Tom (totally unaware of his new status) continues, "Shepard and his crew...they're all gone." Ben interrupts, "Gone? Gone where?" Tom replies, "Did you hear me? They killed seven of us!" Oh, er, scratch that zombie theory. Ryan yells at Tom to tell Ben the good news, the good news obviously being that Jesus Christ died for our sins. The other good news being that they captured the three who stayed behind to blow up the tents and have them bound and on their knees. Tom continues, "Ben, they knew we were coming." Ben looks, well, he looks as pink and shriveled as always, but he also looks shaken when he reports, "It was Juliet. She betrayed us." Ben wants them to find out where she went. Ryan picks up Sayid who immediately hocks a giant loog in his face. Nice! Well, not so much for Ryan, but hey, actors are overpaid, right? Ryan clocks him in the head with his gun. Tom reports, "They aren't talking." Ben asks whom they have and Tom tells him Sayid, Jin, and "the dentist." Ben does some rapid calculus and tells them to shoot Jin. Tom balks, but Ben insists, "If you want them to talk kill Kwon." Jin perks up when he hears his name and the giant gun pointed at his head. He is cool as a pickled cucumber, but Bernard panics and starts talking despite Jin telling him not to talk and Sayid blurting that They are going to kill them and getting knocked in the head again for his trouble. Despite all of that, Bernard talks. Stupid dentist. He says they are going to the radio tower because a woman parachuted onto the Island and they're going to use her phone and call her boat. Ben wants more information, "Juliet thought we were coming tomorrow, why are they running tonight? How did they know?" Bernard? Please continue blabbing. Bernard explains that a kid came in a canoe and told them. He tells them the kid's name is Carl. Then he said he stole a candy bar in third grade, underreported his income in 1982, and, not once, but three times, farted and blamed the dog. Tom asks if Ben got that, and Ben says yes and stares out the tent at Alex with the realization that it is all her fault. Tom asks, "What do you want us to do? Kill 'em?" Ben replies, "No, not yet." I wonder if Ben would have kidnapped Alex if he had realized that the bouncy little baby girl would grow up to be a wretched double crossing free-thinking teenager?

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