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The End. With Questions.

It's a beautiful morning out on the water as Desmond wakes up from his battering. He is still floating in the canoe; he's lucky he doesn't toss and turn in his sleep! He finds Charlie's list of greatest hits and is staring into the water trying to figure out what happened when he starts getting shot at. He can't figure out where the shots are coming from until he sees Mikhail on the beach. Mikhail pumps the canoe full of bullets, and Desmond realizes that his only choice is to dive for the Looking Glass. He takes a deep breath and dives down. He makes it to the loading dock and is relieved to see Charlie alive and, um, not dead. Charlie sees him and tells him to hide. The Ladies are arguing in their signal room so Desmond has just enough time to duck into a closet, before Angry Blonde notices Charlie singing Driveshaft songs and beats the crap out of him some more. I'll admit that song is pretty freaking annoying, but overreact-y much?

Grizzly Jack flips through the chart of a heavily bandaged, sedated, and intubated woman. He shakes his head and takes a bottle of pills out of his doctor's coat pocket. The security chief from Las Vegas interrupts his pill popping to ask if he can help. Jack explains that he's just checking the chart and the security chief introduces himself as "Dr. Hamill. Rob. The new Chief of Surgery. We haven't met yet." Grizzly Jack hesitates and then introduces himself and shakes the man's hand. The Chief is happy to meet the "hero," but is surprised to see him at the hospital; he assumed he wouldn't be in. he then goes on to say that the woman is really lucky that Grizzly Jack was there. Grizzly Jacks snarls, "If this woman was lucky she wouldn't have a broken back impinging on her spinal cord." I never noticed how the word "impinging" can really make a guy sound smart. Grizzly Jack says that he wants to operate first thing in the morning. The Chief smiles insincerely and says, "I'm sorry, [Grizzly] Jack, but this isn't your patient, and we are well aware of the issues." He already has a doctor lined up to do the operation first thing in the morning and it's not Jack. Jack replies that he would prefer to do the surgery, but the Chief is having none of it. "Last night you pulled this woman's eight-year old son out of a burning car and then went back for her. I think you did enough. Go home, have a drink. You deserve it." Grizzly Jack isn't planning on giving up that easily, but the doctor basically pries the chart out of his hands. As a last stab at maintaining a shred of dignity, Grizzly Jack tells the Chief to call him, because he wants to know what happened. Grizzly Jack sighs some more and heads out of the hospital. When he passes the waiting room, he sees a little boy with his arm in a cast who is presumably the kid he saved. The little boy waves, Grizzly Jack waves back and heads for the exit.

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