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The End. With Questions.

Back on the trail, the Losties are making steady progress when Sawyer announces that he is going back. Jack won't hear of it, but Sawyer replies that he "wasn't asking." Jack sighs and walks back to where Sawyer has stopped to discuss it. "What do you think you are going to get done alone and unarmed?" Kate butts into the conversation and says that Sawyer won't be alone because she is going too. Sawyer glares and says, "No you're not.". She turns on him, "Twenty minutes ago you weren't even interested in going and now you're telling Jack...." Sawyer interrupts her to snarl, "I didn't want to go with you." Sawyer, I hope you are really good friends with your left hand, 'cause Kate is totally never putting out again. Jack adds that he thinks this is a suicide mission without guns. Juliet steps into the fray, announcing that she knows where there is a secret stash of guns. She volunteers to take Sawyer to the guns and then back to the beach. Jack tells her she doesn't have to do this, but Juliet and I say in unison that yes, yes she does. Sawyer agrees and starts walking back down the hill. Jack tells Juliet not to do anything stupid; she smiles and says she won't if he won't. They kiss on the lips in full view of everyone (and a gawking Kate). You know in the book (or movie) The Princess Bride where the narrator in describing a kiss between Westley and Buttercup states, "Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure?" This was not one of them. It was more like if I slapped two rubber chickens together and claimed they were frenching. Juliet tells him not to wait up as she walks after Sawyer. Jack doesn't even have the decency look embarrassed as he turns to continue the trek to the radio tower.

Back in the Looking Glass, Charlie is still tied up and singing. His singing is so aggravating that Angry Blonde screams in irritation, throws down and her gun, and hollers for the spear gun so it will hurt more when she kills him. I feel her pain, because that is exactly how I feel when forced to listen to Barbra Streisand. Kindly Brunette refuses to get the spear gun, so Angry Blonde is half way to the closet before Charlie realizes that she is headed for the closet where Desmond is hiding. He tries to stop her, but Mikhail is much more successful when he surfaces in the moon pool in full diving regalia. The Ladies are thrilled. They haven't seen a man in months and, no, I don't count Charlie. While he has been manning up a bit of late, he's still a twee little hobbit vamping black nail polish and a hoodie to prove he's rawk. I dropped out of art school to get away from prats like that. Mikhail pulls himself out of the pool and takes off his diving mask, showing his rank one-eyedness in all its glory. The Ladies say in unison, "Mikhail!" He stares at them, "I thought you were on assignment in Canada." They reply that Ben swore them to secrecy. Charlie says hello, but Mikhail ignores him, demanding to know where the "other one" is. The Ladies are flummoxed so Mikhail explains that he was shooting at Charlie's friend who swam down to get away from the onslaught of bullets. The Ladies swear that he's not there, so Mikhail pulls out a knife to ask Charlie. Charlie attempts to distract him from the knifing by dancing a happy little hobbit dance, but since he's still tied to the chair, he has to revert to Plan B and starts asking questions: "Why did your little friend Ben tell you that this station was flooded when it isn't? Why are these two jamming transmissions off the Island?" That one irks Mikhail, what with being the communication guru and all. He stops and stares, "What? Really?"

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