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The End. With Questions.

A bell sounds in the communication room and Angry Blonde says it's Ben. Mikhail says he will get it. Ben is on the line trying to defend his actions to Mikhail, claiming he was just doing what was in the best interest of the Island. Mikhail is unconvinced, "The Island told you it was necessary to jam your own people?" "Yes." Mikhail then wants to know if the Island told Ben to jump off a bridge if he would do it. Ben changes tactics and compliments Mikhail on his years of loyalty. Would he like a plaque? No? Well, he should trust him and trust Jacob. Mikhail's not buying it: "Why would Jacob want you to lie to your own people? And where would you get a plaque anyway?" Ben uses some fancy fast-talking to get Mikhail back on his side. He explains that the Island is under attack. The jamming was for everyone's security. They are in a serious situation and they must do everything necessary to protect it. Mikhail wants to know why Ben wouldn't trust him. Ben replies, "I made a serious mistake. I should have trusted you. I need your help fixing this mess I've made. I need you to kill Charlie. Make sure the jamming signal stays on at all costs! And I can't risk Greta and Bonnie telling the others about what we've done so you will have to take care of them, too." Alex, walking next to Ben, listens in horror, but stays silent. Mikhail asks, "How do I know that you didn't tell them the same thing?" Ben replies, "Because if I had, Mikhail, you would already be dead." Cold Comfort, dude. Ordering three murders would have come across as a lot more threatening if Ben wasn't wearing such distractingly pretty coral lipstick. Really, what shade is that?

Juliet and Sawyer are trekking off. Sawyer almost sounds like his old self when he asks her, "So you pulled us out of those polar bear cages and put us on the chain gang, so what the hell did you have us breaking all those rocks for?" Juliet says it was for a runway. "For what?" "Aliens." Sawyer stares at her until she confesses that she has no idea, because they didn't tell her what the runway was for. Sawyer then blurts, 'So...you screwing Jack yet?" Juliet replies, "No. Are you?" Aw they're joking! With each other! They're totally in love! Do I smell a Season Four love quadrangle? Sawyer smirks and asks how far away the guns are. Juliet answers that there aren't any guns. Sawyer grabs her arm, "What?" Juliet explains that she lied because it was the only way Jack would let them go back. So why is Juliet going back? "Karma. Why are you going back, James?" Their suicide mission is interrupted by Hurley who is trying to tag along. "Jack's too busy leading to even talk to me," he says. "I just want to help. Please?" Sawyer sinks to the same level as Charlie and yells at Hurley, "For gods sake look at you! You're just going to get us killed." Sawyer turns and walks off, while Juliet tries to weigh the karmic pros and cons of hurting the feelings of a really nice chubby guy who just wants to help and walking said really nice chubby guy into a suicide mission. She follows Sawyer.

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