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This, of course, makes Andy whine about how he can totally handle Nancy's shit, whatever it is this time, and she tells him to stay with Audra, and Audra says that he is dumped, and Gayle backs her up on that even though it is a lie, and finally Gayle's mean enough to him that Nancy can go in for the kill-slash-be honest and sweet.

"Shut up, nutballs! Andy's wonderful. He's loyal, scrappy. He's funny and great with kids. He's resourceful." Beat. "You can come if you want. You have to know it isn't the healthy choice, but you can... Come. I'd like you to come. You shouldn't. Do you want to come? Come on." It's as close to begging, or caring, or feeling, than she's ever come. I always like Nancy when she's drunk.

(Well, unless she's drunk and making people drain her breasts in the bathroom of a Mexican restaurant. That's too drunk. But it was just like that one time.)

Andy and Audra go back and forth, back and forth, and I don't think he can tell that she's testing him so his performance is admirable, but nothing compared to Nancy's witchy wasp-monster zombie powers. She waves her ass in Gayle's face and takes his weaponry, against his Bible-quoting screams. "I don't... I don't give a shit. And I'm still drunk. Andy, meet me by the van if you want to come." Five. Four. Three...

Andy wavers for like one second, fighting it out with Gayle and Audra both, and finally he gives in. "So I might as well just go with Nancy?" Oh, the roof comes in. "I knew it! I fucking knew it. F. You failed. F, you get an F. You were supposed to fight for me!" Andy is flabbergasted because that was like Inception right there. Wheels within wheels. Gayle yells at him to get out of the house and he remembers that actually this is a Botwin house and tries to throw them out. Of course, since Gayle is crazy and tied up, that won't work. Audra calls the police. "Gayle, I am fond of you, but you need help."

Gayle, of course, knows within himself that Christ's love is all the help he needs, and Audra's so exhausted by tonight that she can't even laugh at him. Without turning around she tells Andy, once again, to leave. She doesn't look back. Neither does he.

So yeah, of course Andy's coming. There was no doubt. Nancy played it as straight as she ever could, but of course she got exactly what she wanted. The four of them, and the baby, load up the van. Silas is still pissed about the hypocrisy of leaving all their stuff behind, and he spits on her Zen take: "Just stuff? Oh, okay, then. Fine. How about we leave some of your stuff here, because it's just stuff? How about this lovely bag of shoes?" Nancy, of course, has an excuse -- odd size to fit -- and Andy finally figures out that the mallet was the murder weapon. Silas's bitching about stuff and the need for new stuff to replace their old stuff makes Nancy sigh, and she stops moving.

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