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Wild & Entitled

"So sorry to do this to you. Silas is right about money. You have to go back in that house and get Bubbie's ring back from Audra."

The last little bit of brains in Andy's head goes wobbly and he realizes that he has made the choice, that in fact well before he knew about the choice he had made the choice, and it was just what Nancy wanted, as usual. That Audra was right about all of it. He heads inside and comes back out again, with a black eye and no ring. I miss Audra already. Alanis Morissette makes me feel understood and safe when she is around.

Meanwhile, Esteban is sad as hell watching the tape: Shane hitting Pilar, Nancy hitting the camera. For once it's not Nancy betraying him, exactly. Just running, which she's always done. He destroys the tape and threatens the man that showed it to him, and heads downstairs to shoot Cesar one of those complicated looks they so often share, across the crowded party.

Finally on the road, Nancy heads back to good old public broadcasting: "This is Radiolab. Our topic today: The parasitic wasp."

Esteban calls. She ignores it. There is still the issue of his issue.

"So, what it does is it flies around and it looks for a cockroach, it stings it, it can't run away. It has essentially lost its will. Well, parasites are very careful. You know, they won't eat vital organs that will kill it. God should not be personally blamed for having created parasitic wasps."

Andy's asleep, but he is there. Nancy tosses the mallet out the window.

"A parasitic wasp can insert its stinger into one specific part of the cockroach's brain, but then turns the cockroach into its slave in a very elegant way."

She stares at Shane in the rearview mirror. He stares right back.

"...That, to me, sounds like the purest description in nature of evil that I can imagine."

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