Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Cut to Yang trying to wheel Robin into an elevator. Fishlips is onto them, though, and questions why Robin is even in the hospital when she knows they discharged her already. Yang tries to come up with a cover, but Robin just blurts out that they found a tumor and, not surprisingly, she doesn't feel good. Fishlips asks Yang if Kellerman put her up to this. "Who's Kellerman?" Yang asks. Just then, Jolly Maid comes flying around the corner, waving her arms and urging Fishlips toward Room Eight, where someone is choking. Fishlips breaks into a restrained run, arms clamped decisively to her sides. Before she's out of sight, she warns Yang to stay put. Jolly Maid nudges Yang out of the way and grabs the handles of Robin's wheelchair. She explains, "Dr. Dalgety said you might need some help." She tells Yang to take Robin to the third-floor on-call room and wait there. "Maybe I should go to another hospital..." Robin muses. "Oh no, Dr. Dalgety's the best," Jolly Maid assures her. Wah-wah. Too bad beepergasms and biopsies aren't quite the same thing.

Meanwhile, Dalgety is trying to rustle up a room for the Macedonian. He tries to convince the woman in charge that he only needs thirty minutes. "As I understand it doctor, you only need fifteen minutes and a well-placed pager," she retorts. Oh, okay. Heh.

Dalgety rushes into the room where Robin and Yang are hiding, breaking the news that all the ORs are booked. Not ready to give up, he assures Yang that all they need is a room with a table and good lighting. Sarcastically, Yang suggests the cafeteria. Dalgety dismisses the idea since it's lunchtime. Faced with an identity crisis, she informs him that she was a hall monitor and an honor student. Dalgety braces her and tries to convince her that they're actually doing the right thing breaking the rules. If they send Robin home sick, she'll die. Plus, it's cool to be a rebel. He leaves to check on some patients, but not before admonishing Robin not to let Yang send her home.

Kellerman slams into his office to look at the custody papers some more. His office conveniently borders the on-call room, in which the fugitive lump and its owner are hiding. Hearing a thud from the on-call room, Kellerman investigates. Yang opens her mouth to explain why they're there, but nothing comes out. Robin relays the whole convoluted mess that has been her stay at Mission General. Hearing that there's a lump involved, Kellerman cocks his head.

Cut to the three of them hustling through the halls, Robin still in her wheelchair. Fishlips crosses the corridor ahead of them, prompting much squealing of brakes. Anxiously, Yang asks what they're going to do. Without missing a beat, Kellerman informs her that they're going to stash Robin in the morgue. Yang tries not to hyperventilate, and offers to go find the seemingly less-insane Dr. Dalgety. Down the hall, Fishlips spots Kellerman's retreating back. Pursing her lips, she mutters, "Kellerman." Somehow, the writers managed to refrain from adding, "Your ass is mine." ["Probably because his ass is, in fact, mine. If you know what I mean. And I believe you do." -- Sars]

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