Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Yang catches up with Dalgety, who wants to know why she's there and not with Robin. She says that Dr. Kellerman has taken Robin. "Dr. Kellerman, the chief of cardiothoracics?" Dalgety asks. Yang says she guesses so. "Aw...bollocks!" Dalgety grits, not realizing that Kellerman is a renegade, too. Yang frets that they're going to get in trouble. Dalgety tries hard to sound calm, and asks where Kellerman took Robin. He's actually a little surprised to hear that it's the morgue.

Cut to the morgue, where Robin's stretched out on a slab with her eyes closed. Yang, entering, shrieks. Dalgety spots Kellerman and demands to know why he moved the patient. Kellerman starts the dance, saying it's better than leaving her in the on-call room. He and Dalgety start pacing warily, staking out their turf. Dalgety says he's trying to help her. Kellerman says that he is, too. Dalgety asks why she's in the morgue, then. Kellerman says that she needs a biopsy. Dalgety knows that, but the HMO won't authorize it. "Well, that's why she's in the morgue," Kellerman says, folding his arms and looking pretty darn pleased with himself. He explains that he's allowed to perform an autopsy if the attending physician -- in this case, him -- isn't fully comfortable signing the death certificate in cases where the cause of death seems questionable. Yang helpfully points out that Robin isn't actually dead. Dalgety sees where Kellerman's going, though, and he likes it. He still doesn't quite see how they can get from the autopsy to the exam, though. Kellerman innocently suggests that they start the autopsy with a biopsy, and "who's to say she can't wake up and..." "Come back to life!" he and Dalgety say simultaneously. Dalgety thinks the plan is brilliant. Kellerman asks if he'd like to call it. Dalgety happily complies this time, saying, "Time of death...13:23." Robin smiles at her saviors and looks pretty damn happy to be dead.

After commercials, we find Kellerman and Dalgety cruising down a corridor, hashing out who'll do what to get the fake autopsy underway. "You've done this before, haven't you?" Dalgety asks admiringly. Kellerman says he doesn't like letting "arbitrary rules get in the way of helping patients." Even Fichtner can't pull that one off. The two split up, and Kellerman almost walks headlong into Fishlips. He does a quick about-face, but not quick enough. He breaks into a walk-run, trying not to look back. She scoots after him. He breaks into a run just in time to slide between the closing doors of an elevator. Fishlips puts on a burst of speed, but gets a gobful of stainless steel for her troubles as the doors slide shut. Inside the elevator, Kellerman gets an eyeful of Pangborn's poppin' freshness by way of a flyer taped to the elevator door. He leans in to get a really good look as the doors slide open to reveal Pangborn in the flesh. Of course. He starts, but recovers quickly. Coones introduces Kellerman to Pangborn. "The Xerox just doesn't do you justice," Kellerman tells her. She has no idea what he's talking about. An orderly wheels a head wound past, and Kellerman swallows hard. She actually admits to getting squeamish around blood before dashing off. Frank and Kellerman chuckle. "This one shouldn't be too hard to run off, eh, Frank?" Kellerman asks conspiratorially. Coones jumps, then looks around all shifty-like.

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