Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Cut to Kellerman scrubbed and donning his "killer" cap, peeking into a corridor to check if it's clear. Seeing that it's safe, he starts wheeling a cart loaded with supplies down the hallway. His cell phone rings. It's his ex-wife, Pam. Because there hasn't been enough going on in this episode without her, she informs him that she's in the hospital looking for him. "Perfect," he says, as he walks unwittingly past her. "Oh, turn around!" she snaps. She wants to know why he called their son. He says he wanted to talk to him, which I should have thought would be obvious. She tells him not to "do this." She claims, "It's not fair. It's too late." He's about to argue, but sees Fishlips barreling toward them, so he yanks Pam into a washroom. Fishlips is about to pursue, but Donge pops up beside her and takes her elbow, cautioning her that "more innocent people are killed in domestic disturbances than by drunk drivers." She pauses, touched.

In the washroom, Pam harangues Kellerman to sign the papers. He says he wants to talk to the kid first. She rags on him some more, and wearily he asks, "Do you think I don't know I made a mistake?" "Mistakes," she hisses. He tells her he wants another chance. She thinks he just means to be a better father. He adds, "And husband." She snickers almost as loudly as I do. She holds up her left hand to remind him that there's a ring on it because she's remarried. He suggests that she can get rid of the new guy -- she got rid of him, didn't she? Oh, Fichtner, I am sorry. She lays it out for him; the choices he's made have consequences. She tells him just to sign the papers and "do one decent thing for [their] son." She leaves him standing there. A toilet flushes, and Joyner emerges. Kellerman waits, wondering if she'll freak because he's in the women's washroom. "It's okay, I'm a doctor," she says. He tells her what's going on, adding that Pam's husband wants to adopt his son. "They'll all have the same last name...Federhoff," he muses. "Better off with Federhoff." Joyner bursts out laughing, and so does he. She tells him that she'd kill herself before she'd give up custody of her kid. Then she gives him a long, hard look in the mirror. "Yeah," he sighs.

Fishlips, meanwhile, is trying her damnedest to turn up the comic relief. A nurse catches her in the hallway and says she needs her signature. Fishlips gasps at the paperwork, exclaiming that Robin is dead. Donge snatches the sheet and strides off, saying that Fishlips told him there was nothing wrong with the girl. She passes the blame to the doctors. Donge spots Coones and Pangborn up the corridor, and pulls Fishlips down another hallway to avoid facing them.

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