Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Up on the roof, Kellerman pulls out the papers yet again and stares at them for a moment before tearing them up. Dalgety comes out and spots Kellerman sitting on the edge of the roof. They banter about what a mess Kellerman would make on impact. Yang interrupts their "fun" by bringing out the results of Robin's tests. "You know, today was...insane," she tells them. "Okay, I mean it was truly insane. And I hope I never have another day like this. Ever. Okay? It was nothing what I thought being a doctor was going to be like. But watching you guys, I realized it was everything I thought it could be. You guys are really...inspiring, and I just wanted to...let you...oh. Okay, I'm gonna go. Okay." They watch her head back to the stairs, and Dalgety says, "Oh, man, I think she's for rrrreal." "Yeah, how 'bout that? I'm a lousy father, but I'm inspiring to her?" Oh my god, already. I may have just developed diabetes. Dalgety says that his father was a real bastard and he still loved him. Kellerman finds this reassuring. He holds out his hand so they can formally introduce themselves. Kellerman heads back to his perch on the ledge. Dalgety asks if he can join him. On the edge. Get it? See what they did there? They ponder what the "E." in "Chester E. Donge" could stand for as we fade out. I ponder just how hard it will be to rig an I.V. with Bombay Sapphire. Then again, rumor has it that Fichtner and Hannah have a shower scene next week, so I may not need it after all.

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