Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Meanwhile, down in the waiting area, Yang is trying to get the droopy-sweater girl admitted. The admitting nurse (whom you may remember as Will Smith's mom on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is no fool, though. Yang stammers that she found the woman buckled over on the sidewalk. Nurse Thang cuts her down by sarcastically suggesting that the new girl doesn't think they have enough sick people to deal with already. She asks, "Did she pass the green test?" Yang, shaken, has no idea what she's talking about. "Insurance!" Nurse Thang barks. "Does she have insurance?" Yang stares at her, gaping uncertainly. Nurse Thang doesn't have time for this, and yells over Yang's head, asking the girl whether she has insurance. The girl steps up with her card, which the nurse eyes dubiously. She points out sharply that the insurance runs out at midnight. She also supplies us with a name -- finally! -- for this hapless young woman: Robin Picksomethingorother. Yang asks naively whether that's a problem. Nurse Thang can't possibly bear the weight of such stupidity and her glasses, so she removes the latter. She leans in close to the window that separates her from all the sick people in the waiting area, and shares with Yang that she thinks the girl is trying to pull a scam. Yang still doesn't get it. Nurse Thang spells it out: "Drugs! Free food! A homeless person would do anything for a warm bed." Yang is taken aback by the suggestion. She points out that the girl isn't homeless, and tells the nurse to help her. Nurse Thang gives her a long, hard look and reluctantly moves to begin the admissions process. Yang informs Robin that she has leave her to get her rotation assignment, but the "nurses and doctors will take really good care of you." She glows, thrilled that she's finally been able to bust out that line.

Cut to a nameplate being set resolutely on a polished wood surface. The name reads, "Chester E. Donge." The intercom on the table buzzes, and Donge answers it. Nurse Thang's voice comes over the speaker, informing him about a Sutro Medical patient who's just been admitted with chills and stomach cramps. We cut to Thang eyeing the insurance card skeptically, while the inconveniently ill girl huddles on a bench in the background. Nurse Thang knowingly adds that the patient's insurance just happens to end at midnight. "Okay, I get it," Donge chuckles. "Somebody wants a free ride." Donge tells Thang to have the girl checked out, but if they can't find anything real, he wants her sent home by midnight. Nurse Poole, a.k.a. Clipboard, a.k.a. Fishlips, stands hovering over his shoulder, oozing approval. Donge cuts off the intercom and hands Fishlips a stack of folders, with the admonition to "keep [her] eye on this one."

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