Time Of Death

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Time Of Death

Cut to Dalgety, who looks interested. He grabs a gurney just in time to receive a smallish boy being carried by his father. The boy has been shot. A lot of high-pitched yelling and herky-jerky camera cuts let us know this is an Intense Situation. Someone rips off the boy's shirt, and we see that the bullet passed through his chest and out his back. Yang looks dazed at the sight. Dalgety starts barrrrking orrrders at the staff, and they race to stop the bleeding. He yells for everrryone to glove up, and catches Yang just standing there. He tells her to glove up, demanding, "You worrrk here, don't you?" Yang just stands there as the flurry continues around the boy. His blood pressure is dropping fast, and Dalgety determines that they'll have to open him up. A saw whirs and bones crunch, and I'm fairly certain that I did not miss my calling in medicine. Yang looks as if she's doubting hers. The doctors frantically squeeze a tray of meat that's meant to be the boy's heart, and look doubtful. The boy's got no blood pressure. Dalgety barks another order, but Thor, up to his wrists in the kid's chest cavity, declares, "There's no way, man. The aorta's mush." Dalgety won't give up. He shouts at Yang to come in and relieve him massaging the boy's heart. She's stunned. He yells at her to come on, but she just stands there, dazed. Dalgety keeps up the massage while Yang fades back a few paces. Thor announces that the kid is "bled out." Dalgety barrrks at the kid to come back, but this order is as effective as the one he issued to Yang. Thor urges him to call the time of death. Not yet! There are a few more seconds of squishy, bloody heart-squeezing to be had first. "Just call it, man," Thor says. Dalgety rips his hands out of the chest cavity and throws them up, infuriated. He kicks at an I.V. stand and yells incoherently. After a couple deep breaths, he calls the time of death. Shoving past Yang, he adds, "Indecision kills." Thor watches Dalgety slam out, and tries to reassure Yang with, "The manufacturer didn't plan on hollow-tipped bullets when he designed the human heart." That makes little difference to Yang. She's got just enough time to reconsider her career choice as we head to commercials.

After the break, we join Kellerman in his triumphant return to the OR. He's stripping off his surgical gear and doling out directions to the rest of the crew. Heading out of the room, he passes Joyner, who's busy holding up the doorframe. He tells her to watch as long as she'd like. She tells him to get Lopez started on a course of antibiotics, and Kellerman snarks something about saving her ass. She goes off, defending herself by saying she couldn't see the problem on the echocardiogram. No kidding. Kellerman keeps bugging her to admit that he was right. She resists. They banter. Finally, he tells her, "You have the sexiest dollop of green in the brown of your right eye." Disarmed, she laughs self-consciously. Shaking her head, she gently calls him an "adolescent jackass." Yeah, but she'd do him. Their little moment is interrupted when one of the surgical crew comes to tell Kellerman that they "can't get Lopez off the bypass." Huh. I'm not sure, but I think that's a bad thing.

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