Time of Your Life
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...but maybe I could have shown a modicum of self-control
After the party, everyone meets up at the diner for breakfast and storyline conclusions. Will tries to approach his new buddy Mike the next day at the diner, but Mike develops amnesia and makes fun of Will per usual. Crystal Ball tells us that Mike doesn't amount to jack after losing his football scholarship due to excessive drinking, but Will creates a software company worth $40 mil and dates a supermodel. In the diner's parking lot, Denise tells Preston about her hook-up with Kenny "Wolfin' Ain't Easy" Fisher. Preston tells Denise he struck out with Amanda. They bid one another an affectionate farewell. Denise returns to the diner and sits with Kenny. Crystal Ball tells us that they break up five minutes later. Kenny scoops up some whipped cream and feeds it to Denise. Crystal Ball tells us they find a bathroom in the diner and get back together fifteen minutes later. Amanda manages to catch (whew!) Preston before he boards his train to his Vonnegut literary workshop, and they exchange words of tenderness. Both are saddened by all the wasted years they could have spent hooking up, but they que-sera-sera it and say goodbye to yesterday. Preston walks away but has the brilliant idea of taking a later train. They kiss. Crystal Ball tells us Preston takes a train seven hours later and that while he is gone, Amanda writes him a letter every single day. Guess what? They are still together today. Did I mention that this guy is supposed to have just graduated from high school, yet already his hairline is receding? To sum up: without the help of Cameron Crowe, John Hughes, and Mike Lehman, this movie wouldn't have any original plotlines.

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Time of Your Life




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