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The Audrey Hepburn Story

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The Audrey Hepburn Story
So we are back where we started. Now we see Hepwitt kissing her baby in between takes on the set of Tiffany's. The "nameless cat" is brought over to do the final scene, and Hepwitt is prompted to pointedly explain Holly Golightly's reasoning for throwing her cat out into the rain. Hepwitt turns to Capote and says, "Holly Golightly puts the cat out because Holly is the cat." Capote takes off his glasses and drawls, "Tha's riiight." But Hepwitt isn't finished with showing off her genius: "She doesn't have a real name and neither does the cat. She feels homeless and unloved and unlovable, just like the cat." The production assistant still doesn't get it: "So when she goes back to find the cat, it means -- ?" Hepwitt is told to stand by for the final take, but she continues with her explanation, "So, when she goes back to find the cat, it means that she's finally accepted herself. That she can love herself, even though she's a scrawny, soaking wet, no-name cat." Hepwitt gives Capote a meaningful look, and he raises an eyebrow at her as she says, "It's not a bad thing to be." The production assistant walks away, and Hepwitt gives Capote another sidelong glance before walking away also. The rain is cued and Hepwitt is shown driving up in a cab, ignoring the soaking Peppard on the street, and darting down the alley while she screams, "Cat!" She finally finds him and clasps him to her dinners, laughing. Then she and Peppard end the scene by making out. They get the scene in one take and wrap the film. Everyone applauds, and Capote embraces Hepwitt and smiles at her. My wastebasket over-runneth. There's a paragraph at the end telling the audience about the other movies Hepburn went on to make and the second son she had. Almost as an afterthought, there's a brief photomontage made from stock footage, showing a much older, but blissfully real, Hepburn in her work with UNICEF along with another explanatory paragraph. The only thing that moved me in this whole awful three hours was the wet cat. And it had nothing to do with Hepwitt rescuing it; I just happen to love wet cats. In fact, I'd rather watch three hours of wet cats than watch this thing again. But, all in all, I think the casting director of this disastrous biopic should be given an Emmy. Yes, an Emmy, for finding the worst possible actors to portray Capote, Ferrer, Bogart, Holden, Peck, various French men, and the rest of the classic film stars they managed to massacre in this-made-for-TV schlock. In fact, I am sure it was their intent to surround Hewitt with horrible mimickers in the hopes that her own rendition would seem good by comparison. All they succeeded in doing was magnifying Hewitt's talentless portrayal of a beloved screen legend.

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Time of Your Life




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