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The Audrey Hepburn Story

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The Audrey Hepburn Story
Ma Hepburn now attends the underground meetings in place of her brother. Teen Audrey listens at the door and volunteers herself as a messenger. "Lili Marlene" again plays as Teen Audrey delivers her messages for the resistance. One job has her deliver a message to a British flyboy in the woods. She completes this and returns to get her bicycle, but runs into Nazis who question her. She tells them she was meeting her boyfriend in the woods but he didn't show up. She bursts into tears and says, "He doesn't love me." And then she offers her daisies to one of the Nazis and tells him to give them to his girlfriend. Other Nazis drag an old man -- who had been receiving Audrey's resistance messages -- out of his house. Teen Audrey runs and hides in a shack and sees the Nazis shoot the old man. Because the Germans don't leave, Teen Audrey stays hidden in the shack for the night. Meanwhile, Ma Hepburn is going crazy waiting for her daughter. Finally, Teen Audrey makes it home on foot and faints from fever in her mother's arms. Next scene. The Germans have retreated from Holland's border, and Ma Hepburn takes her daughter outside to see the British and American troops coming through the city. Big Band music plays, and I'll admit to getting a lump in my throat at this point. A soldier offers Teen Audrey chocolate, which she eats and then throws up ["thus making a meta-statement about this entire movie" -- Sars]. A doctor examines her and tells Ma Hepburn that her daughter has anemia, asthma, and acute colitis, and needs penicillin immediately. Ma Hepburn frets about getting it sent from Amsterdam, and the doctor says they can't wait for that. This situation isn't resolved as we flash forward to Hepwitt in her Tiffany's garb. During a break, Hepwitt, dressed in black capri pants with a kerchief on her head, serenades Blake Edwards with Jennifer Love Hewitt's raspy version of "Moon River." I'll give her a moon! Tell me, is there blood coming out of my ears yet? Two movie guys snack at a buffet table, and one comments he's never seen so much chocolate. The other explains that Audrey buys it all for the crew, insisting that you can never have too much chocolate. Capote butts his head in and twangs, "What are we shootin' next?" Movie Guy 2 answers, "Her song on the balcony." "D'you b'leeve this? They gave her a damn song! Call girls don' sing!" Movie Guy 2 says that Audrey doesn't seem like a call girl to him. "She wuz in my book!" Capote insists. I think the actor playing Capote decided to mimic Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" in order to get Capote's Mississippi accent right. The movie guys roll their eyes and walk away. Somehow I don't believe two movie nobodies would treat Truman Capote so dismissively. ["Well, that's provided you believe that Capote was sober enough to turn up on set every day in the first place." -- Sars] Hepwitt finishes her weak warbling and leans forward to Blake Edwards: "Ah you sure you want me to sing?" she asks. Blake says of course he is and asks if she would, and Hepwitt says, "Hmmm, I s'pooze so. Aftah all, I didn't know how to doo half the things I did in my life."

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Time of Your Life




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