Time of Your Life
The Audrey Hepburn Story

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The Audrey Hepburn Story
Back with her friends in London, the naive Hepwitt asks who William Wyler is, because he wants her to be in his movie. Nicky and Kay nearly faint and tell her that he is "Hollywood, dah-ling!" The movie he wants her for is Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck. Hepwitt does a wobbling-headed screen test for Wyler and wins everyone over with a performance when she thinks she isn't being filmed. She gets the play and the movie, but professes that she doesn't understand why: "I'm tall and skinny with a long neck and big feet." James says, "Exactly," and hugs her. She forgot to mention "and flattened dinners." Stock footage of 1950s New York. Hepwitt reads through her Gigi lines with great animation, and is told it's "bad form" to start acting on the first day. The director gives Hepwitt directions, which she tries to contradict, and she's told, "When you can act, you can give me directions -- until that time you will do as I say!" Yeah, Jennifer Love Hewitt! Hepwitt discovers the city of New York and has quite a nightlife, which results in her falling asleep during rehearsals. She is told that her role as Gigi is in jeopardy if she doesn't shape up. She promises to. Hepwitt talks to James and tells her she wishes her father were there to see her on Broadway. Hepwitt plays with a music box and remembers dancing with her father. She cries. Hepwitt works hard on her diction and expression and is a rousing success as Gigi, winning praise from the critics for her role. James feels lost in the success of his fiancée but rallies admirably. After the cast party, Hepwitt tells him she can't marry him if she wants her career to continue. Back, briefly, to the fictional set of Breakfast at Tiffany's. A lousy excuse for George Peppard talks to Hepwitt about Capote's sullen silence on the set. Hepwitt tells "George" she's working on it and prances over to Capote. She tells him what she thinks of Holly Golightly, and I get another chance to mimic Capote. "Can I osk you something?" Hepwitt husks. Capote gives her the stink eye, "'Bout wha'?" "About the character, uv gorse!" Hepwitt answers. Hepwitt asks if Holly has sex with all the men she's with or just the ones she wants to marry. "Wha' d'you thank?" Capote asks. Hepwitt says she thinks Holly is a lot like she was in "the beginning." Capote seems interested, "Which wuz?" Hepwitt says she was afraid to let people know how little she knew. Capote ponders this revelation. Oh, barf. On to Roman Holiday, with a lousy excuse for Gregory Peck on a motor bike with the lousy excuse for Hepburn. The less said about this the better, since the scene we are treated to is fraught with Jennifer Love's squeals and giggles.

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Time of Your Life




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